Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paris Hilton Sleeps With a Pig!!!

No i am not kidding, it's real.

Some of you might be thinking "Is there another video?"

Well no video but Paris admitted herself.

But it is not what you might be thinking.

And she seems to be an animal lover, with 13 pets all together.

Did i get you there?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods and The "He-fucked-me" Money Diggers

Hey i am back!! Well, not really, just managed to get some connection somewhere.

Since everyone is talking Tiger Woods and his 11 birdies (and counting), please excuse me for adding a bit of say.

So now 11 ladies had claimed Tiger, or to have bedded Tiger, with one tale more outrageous than another.

It reminds me when some other celebrities who were also caught with their pants (or skirts) down (or even when they are innocent), more and more people came out claiming they had also fucked him or her, and claimed, in the process some millions bucks for the "exclusive" interview and books to provide some juicy tales and a few sexy photo shot.

No difference, just this time, there are more. Well, maybe more found out that this is the easiest way to have a bit of glory and money.

I daresay this is the safest too. Not that Tiger will turn to his wife, whom he must be so painstakingly convinced of their future together, and say, "Darling, i think i have not fuck this lady before. Anyway, i don't thin she can prove it too. Shall we sue her for defamation?"

No, Tiger, or any other person for this matter, would wanted a closure for this matter. And the best way is to ignore them and hide.

I do not personally know if any of the ladies were not Tiger's birdie (maybe they were eagle, or hole-in-one), but this possibilities is not to be excluded.

But whatever, now that Tiger and his wife. Elin had agreed to work things out together, i think the media should stop hounding them. And the ladies, whether true or not, should quit it too.

Afterall, you don't need to tell everyone of your sexual conquest. Tiger needs a break. He is human too. Afterall, you both had your fun. You were not injured by the incident. So stop rubbing salt to their marital wound.
Unless of course, you need the millions to feed yourself.

But if you do, get a real job.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Will be Away

I will be in a place with no internet for about two weeks and will not be reading your blogs. But if i find internet, i will be updating.

Losing Interest in Sex

We normally hears from the female population that they are not interested in having sex (at a particular time).

Not tonight, headache, etc etc

What about men having low libido?

Amongst reasons are overwhelmed by modern ladies, ever ready fantasy, alcohol and work load.

Sounds very valid.

Ladies nowadays are much more demanding than even a generation ago. It does not help with the ego the men are having. For example, sexual performance, face and body shape (not only men have to groom, they must also come with muscle, if not ala Gerard Butler, then at least David Beckham). Notably, women who earns more than men actually created problems for both parties, all thanks to a funny thing called social norms and tradition.

Yea, the moment we screw all the so called norms and tradition, life will be great.

This kinda problems leads to fantasy and booze. They will rather watch porn than to try very hard to get laid. And since life is already so hectic and stressful, why bother trying to have sex? Just pop the beer anytime!!

But unfortunately, all these screw up their balls and dick (mentally perhaps), and sex goes out of the window.

But i have another theory. Maybe it is natural selection. With so many women needing little sex, God purposely create more men with low libido to solve the problem. Now no one will complain they don't get enough sex!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cures for Sexual Problems

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sex is a very important aspect of a person's life, and nothing can be more devastating than the inability to perform it.

There are many types of sexual problems but today, DS wanna share with all my beloved readers the cure to two main problems, one for the guys, and one for the girls, which i found on news portal.

For Guys

For guys, normally there are two problems, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The former is always associated with old age and health problem with the latter, well, quite unknown, though younger people had always had their face red because of it.

For ED, normally the blue pill aka viagra would be the wonder pill to cure that problem.

The more prevalent problem that infects men of all ages is premature ejaculation. Imagine the chagrin of fucking wonderfully for a few seconds or a few minutes, then bomb!! No more.

I can almost see the disappointed face of the girl and the shame on the guy.

Fret not, now we had a spray that can cure PE. This spray, PSD502 seems to work effectively on studies conducted on men from Canada, Poland and US, if the findings, which was presented in the annual meeting of Sexual Medicine of North America (there is one?) is to be believed. Just by spraying on the head of penis five minutes before intercourse, you can delay ejaculation five times longer than using a placebo, whatever it is.

Unfortunately, you guys would have to wait before buying it, as the producer, Sciele Pharma, is still planning to seek approval from US Food and Drug Administration for the spray.

I remember there was a type of condom that place some drug to numb the penis head to delay ejaculation. Maybe the same concept was used.

You just have to wait.

For Girls

For girls meanwhile, the main problems remains dryness and also "not interested".

The former can be cured by lubricant.

The latter, i don't know if girls are really troubled by it. Most probably, their men are far more troubled by the low libido.

This is actually a real and serious problem, especially for couples cohabiting or married couple, as any party with no interest in sex bound to screw up the marriage life/sex life.

New research found a cure for low libido in women, in the form of an antidepressant drug flibanserin. The research which was reported at Congress of European Society for Sexual Medicine (European also have one huh?) shows women (who contracted hypoactive sexual desire disorder) who took the drug shows significant improvement in sexual desire and satisfactory sexual experiences.

Again, you girls would have to wait, as this is only at trial stage.

But anyway, knowing that cures is on the way surely assuring. For the time being, well, try harder..

Happy making love people!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sex, Multiple Religion, and Hell Freezing Over

Found this piece of article a few days ago, said to be a forward email, on Malaysia Finance Blogspot (original post, see here).

The following was an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid term. The answer by one student was so 'profound' that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:
First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving.

As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

This gives two possibilities:
1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.
2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell,then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, 'It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you,' and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct.... leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting 'Oh my God.'


Moral of the stories;

1. never say never in sex
2. please do not say hell will have a cold day before you jump onto a bed with a certain person, since you most certainly will.
3. we can all sin since hell had already frozen since the day the student bedded Teresa.
4. God certainly existed, and we can reach Him by sex, but necessarily needs orgasm of course.
5. forget about writing serious stuffs for assignments. just make a hell load of humour and you will get A+. hey, even lecturers are human and they needed a break from all the mundane stuffs.

A little note on Malaysia Finance Blogspot;

This is a fantastic and highly relevant blog if you happens to invest in Malaysian stock market. Articles written in informative and humorous way, you will rarely fell asleep, like you might do if reading those economist. And if you do feel like sleeping, he had loads of pretty girls pictures accompanying his articles, so do give him a visit!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bigger Breast Means Smarter Brain?

Gee, do bigger breast means the girl is smarter?

I think we all have heard about bimbo, dumb blonde, etc etc, where big boobs is connected with stupidity.

But bigger breast is smarter?

A few news portal had quoted a report from Malaysian Chinese language daily, Sin Chew Daily, which in turn quoted from a Singapore newspaper, that a study from United States found that women with bigger breast are smarter than those who are less well endowed.

These triple referrals did not state which study conducted by whom, so how good it is depended on what you think.

A check in Sin Chew website proved futile as i read no Chinese and the English edition had no search function. Someone should get fired in Sin Chew.

But what i do know is this - women with a good body shape, pretty face, generally had more confidence than those who think they are not good. Maybe that caused the result of the study, if it so existed.

Or maybe, just maybe, women with bigger boobs caused the male researchers temporary dumber, hence the result ^^

But anyhow, one's value, and this including "smartness" should not have been affected by body shape. Or i may be wrong and God had this plan all the while.

Maybe we should all search for women with bigger boobs for the sake of future generation.

Maybe we all just think too much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What If You Must Use Condom Forever?

This piece of news should be of interest;

Apparently, the wife is allergic to the husband sperm, and it created intense pain and blister. After numerous test, it was found that her immune system attack the sperm. And now they are considering adoption as they cannot possibly conceive.

Now they are newlywed and surely love conquer all. Wish them luck and happiness.

So what about you? Can you stand using condom forever? Rubbing the bare skin and rubbing using condom surely had different feeling. Having no condom is more enjoyable to having one, no doubt, but what would you do if, like the situation above, that you must use condom or no sex for you?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Changes After Marriage

"Men marry women with the hope that they will never change. Women marry men with the hope that they will change. Invariably, they are both disappointed"
Albert Einstein

Some guys just know everything, and Einstein is one of them.

Wait wait, not talking about Einstein today.

Now you see, many men after getting their asses into a marriage, found themselves sharing the same whine in the bar - my wife is not what they used to be while we were dating.

When we were dating, she doesn't have this much demand.

When we were dating, she doesn't nag.

When we were dating, she doesn't mind my job/salary.

When we were dating, she doesn't mind i watch football in the bar.

And the classic one - when we were dating, she doesn't have so much headache.


But mind you, the women when having their "women only" meet up, will also have some complaints.

My husband never tidy up the bed.

My husband never help with housework/pick out the trash.

My husband job is not enough for our dream (her dream maybe?)/took too much of his time and he just refuse to change a job.

The football is more important to him than me.

He only wanted to screw. I wonder if he loves me or my body.


Actually, complaints do came by when a couple passed the courting stage and into a serious relationship. Maybe Einstein's time the people are more conservative.

But what everyone need to accept is, when a relationship evolve into the next level, some changes are inevitable.

We can only do our best to understand each other and accept the preferences and aspirations of each other.

But you wanted him/her to be a person he/she never was, why not get another one who really suits you? Though i will admit many people conceal who they really are during courtship and not being frank.

Maybe that is why, there are so many divorces.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Over Slutty Please, DS Shares How to be Sexy

note - not applicable for bedroom or voyuer or deliberately being slutty

Before any feminist throw rotten eggs at me, please hear me out.

I love girls, and their bodies. I love and respect sexiness, it is something all boys and girls should flaunt, or at least make an effort.

So what make me write this post?

Girls nowadays often confuse sexy and slutty. Most often, they go all the way down to cheap slutty, and thought that is sexy.

What then is sexy?

Oxford Concise Dictionary says these;


adjective (sexier, sexiest) 1 sexually attractive or exciting. 2 sexually aroused. 3 informal very exciting or appealing

(see here)

Not much help, didn't it?

Now let me, a guy, tell you what is sexy.

IT must leave MUCH to imagination. They should be classy, not cheap. You don't want people to ask you how much per hour. Show some skin, but show it subtlety, with class befitting a lady, not a whore

So the basic rule of thumb is, choose your best feature, and show them off. The rest can be kept somewhere.

If you wanna show off your beautiful breast, throw away the miniskirt. Unless you are in Playboy Mansion.

Let DS give some opinion on how to flaunt your assets.


I like boobs, and every girl with even a little boobs show show them off. You can (or maybe should) show cleavage, but please, not more than half of it, or whore will be what you label is.

So how should it be done? Let us see a few pictures;

Now Megan Fox, the undisputed sexy girl, had it right in this picture. Well granted she had an almost perfect bodyline, but look at how she does it. A little peek at her cleavage, a little on her flat tummy, and all the men are drooling and all the girls are dreaming, to have one of those like her.

Sophie Bush also done it right here. While she admittedly had the boobs that can knock you out, they are not on display like bowling balls on the rack. You can see just a little, and that, my friend, is sexy enough.

Now i must admit she had some great boobies. But heck, what are those eyes popping skins for? No offense, but i really think they should be covered up, a bit more.


Some of us might have a really flat tummy, which in normal humans like you and me, come with a flat chest and ass normally, unlike people like Megan Fox.

Showing them off is always good, if you happens to have one. Afterall, the best of your body should show.

Well, the basics here is that, not too much. And keep those underwear nicely hidden from view. Having g-string poking out will gain you stare but no respect. Having those worn out, faded, broken, and looks like being bitten by cockroaches is a big no no no.

Lynn Rose show us how to do it.

(picture from Lynn Rose's website)

Round neck, mini sleeves, but nice abs. Not slutty, but absolutely desirable.

And when you lie down, it should be like this;

(picture from the narrative)

Nothing unwanted came out, and the part that is exposed is absolutely beautiful. Very little. Makes you wanna stuck your hand in.


To show some thighs, we had miniskirt, micro-minis, micro-shorts, whatis and whatnots.

Now, there are many reason to wear a mini/micro. Showing off beautiful thighs is one, some just like to show off underwear, or the lack of it.

If you want sexy, not slutty, make sure the mini/micro you are wearing will not expose your undie with least effort. At least make the guys and girls strain their eyes longer and make more effort. The best is, when it won't show your undie howsoever, which would need your conscious effort to keep them.

And the rule of thumb is, get a beautiful undie. Not your granny, and certainly not g-string. Showing your pussy is worst. Make you as cheap as you can be. Unless you actually wanted to show them, that is another matter, that is kinky and it is good.

But if sexy is your choice, keep your undie hidden, and let them try their best to peek at it.

Arms, Neck, Legs, Shoulders, Others

Now, those are parts that are normally shown to people, so just do it. But always keep those not beautiful ones away. If your arms are flabby, wear sleeves. If your legs are the target of bugs and scars, keep them well hidden with something long. Neck normally is the sexiest feature of a lady, so make it clean.

And powder your neck and shoulders too so that the color tone of your face and the rest of the powder is the same. Or you will be the butt of jokes.

Those are Only My Opinion

Many people likes to impose their view on others. Not me. The above views are only my point of view on how to be sexy. You can disagree and please trash my comment box. At least we can have some meaningful discussions. Human body is a beautiful creation, and women's especially so. So more points of view do not hurt.

P/S - the above opinion does not include advice on how to be sexy in a bedroom, or how a man can be sexy. those are for another time, or maybe some female bloggers can do us man a favor and tell us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Guys Wouldn't Notice Your Defects, So Don't Bother

Yes, you read that right, guys wouldn't even notice.

Say, there are another fine line on the edge of your eyes, well, forget it, we can't see it, even if you show it to us, we can't make up our mind if that was originally there or is newly "created".

While we are at lines, don't bother showing us the extra cellulites that was formed last week under your bums, because, well, we couldn't have notice. Heck, even if we are caressing it everyday or even kissing it, forget it, we wouldn't notice. And we won't notice till the day we die, unless you point it out to us.

Don't bother to be afraid that we may find out a wart or an acne had found a place on you back either, because, yes, you got, we wouldn't have notice it anyway. Unless that little growth is on your breast, we can hardly see.

Speaking of breast, we wouldn't have notice if your boobies had sag half a centimeter. Yes, vry ironic since we are so fixated on that hotspot, but really, don't bother. Just get a sexy lingerie and i am your man!!

And unless you had gone really tanned, we, yes i know you know, we wouldn't have notice either. Just a little of variation of color anyway. Blame it on the variation of color in your variation of clothes and shoes that make us color blind.

Cracked manicure? Only your girlfriend would have realized.

Clothes got discolored? I thought it was fashion!

Wore a different make up? Who cares?

Different perfume? I thought you use a different one every day!

You tied your hair on the left instead of right? Sorry, i have some problems with directions.

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

In short, unless something really material (i mean really material) happens, we wouldn't notice what kind of changes you ladies exhibited.

So, its not our fault that you have to make yourself look stunning. Afterall, for us, it makes no difference.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Should Decide How Girls/Beauty Queens Behave?

Who should then decide how girls and beauty queens in particular behave?

We have in Singapore, Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum being called to be stripped of her title for some pictures taken in a party, and they were not even anything, just harmless fun thrown by her friend for her, and some girls night out.

Look at these pictures. Are they really that harmful? Grow up, people, especially the so-called bloggers who are nothing more than self-appointed moral guardians.

eating a dick-shaped cake bought by friend is harmful?

playing with a blowjob doll who got nothing to blow is also harmful?
aww...having a girls night out is soooooo harmful....

Pictures from

The guns then trained on Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low for her allegedly bad English.

Ahh, so we have fantastic speaker in Singapore, which is (in)famous for their Singlish?

As though there are someone who is determined to pull her down, came her concealment of her past conviction for credit card fraud.

It was of course, stipulated in the contract that she must reveal them, and those who had one cannot compete.

My point is, why bar someone with previous conviction? Must a Miss something something be a squeaky clean person? Does being convicted make a person "unclean"?

Heck, she was already punished by a Court of law. Are you saying the Court is useless that everyone need to punish her again?

Where goes the "giving a person a second chance"?

Yes she lied, but if she don't no one gonna let her in anyway.

Perhaps all these stupid moral conditions to be a beauty queen is what pissed Felixia Yeap off, that she quits Miss Malaysia World after getting amongst the finalist.

Felixia claimed the conditions in the contract will affect her rice bowl.

well, she did some lingerie modelling and maybe that is what disallowed by the organiser. Squeaky clean huh?

She is clean enough for me, and have enough brains and guts.

In Indonesia, another type of storm is brewing. It seems Miss Indonesia Universe 2009 Qori Sandioriva who represents the province of Aceh when winning the title caught the anger of Islamist in Aceh. They are angry that she did not wear a headgear to the competition.

Qori Sandioriva crowned Miss Indonesia on 9 October 2009
picture from BBC

Brilliant. When she goes to Miss Universe, she gotta wear a swimsuit. Now how about that? Stone her?

Maybe they should follow Malaysia's example, ban the Muslims from competing. Ban Aceh as well. Solve all the problems.

The microscope then trains back to Singapore when Ris Low replacement, the beautiful girl who had an exotic name, Pilar Carmelita Arlando seems to not to have a clue on Singapore's general issues.

Pilar...ignorant of issues and information about her country

picture from dailychili

The netizens actually said she had zero IQ.

Ahh, so now we need beauty queens who had an IQ of 200?

Oh, yea, i remember, to be a beauty queen, we need a beauty who had a brain.

It doesn't matter if she looks like a gorilla as long as she had a brain.

Hmm, as though saying "I hope for world peace" needs a lot of brain.

And as far as i remember, the questions need EQ, which i think she should be ok.

But then again, who is to decide how these girls behave?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

China's Hot Female Soldiers On Anniversary Parade

A little more than a week ago, China celebrated its 60th anniversary of Communist rule with some parade on its military might.

And no, DS does not intend to turn this into a political blog or military blog. It is and will remain a sex blog.

I even time this post to be at this time so as to escape the "heat" on China's military might debates.

So, what does China's military parade gotta do with me?


(from Al Jazeera)

God damn it, look at those pink chics with heavy guns!!

They are the female militia (read : CIVILIAN reserve force) of China's already swarming PLA.

And their commanders look like this;

What can i say, nicely shaped legs, respectable boobs, fantastic vital stats for all of them.

Not to mention the precision worthy of an army march pass.

And they should be the first armed force in the world, active or reserve, that wears pink!!

Can't get enough of them? What about a video?

If you think these pink chics are gorgeous only because they are not in active service, take a look at these active female soldiers;

180,000 marchers processed through Beijing's Tiananmen Square

Same beautiful legs, same respectable boobs size, same body shape, just darker uniforms.

I wonder, how do these girls managed to train to this level, and yet retain all their feminine features?

When comes to female fighters, normally we can only think of muscled, rough, etc that even the Wonder Woman looks a MILF on steroid who had a silicone-enhanced boob. Who would have thought, in this world, there are actually female fighter like those on parade in China? Soft features at all the right place, yet retaining a stern and serious face that ready to shot you to death. Man, only in China.

I know there are also pretty chics in other military, but heck, this much?

Anyway, just leave all the debates aside, and let us enjoy this video, showing the march pass of female joint force (air-navy-land) together with the reserve force (they pinky ones);

No dispute, they are gorgeous.

Wait, wait, sick of soldiers? What about a model?

A model holds a national flag of China outside a shopping mall during a sales promotion during China's national day holiday in Hong Kong

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Felixia Yeap Won Lumix Panasonic Star Search

After giving Miss Malaysia World a miss, the gorgeous Felixia Yeap won the Lumix model search amid supportive screams from her fans (DS however, was not there).

And you should be the judge if she is good enough to make it big!

She can be so angelic...

and at the same time a devil...oh, what a body to die for...

don't you wanna buy a Lumix now?

do you wish to be a cat now?

It is my opinion that Felixia can make it real big. She has all the material to be a star, and an attitude to boot.

And with all the publicities now, she should be one of the most recognisable face in Malaysia, the chick who fried Miss Malaysia World "sotong" [for the uninitiated, it means she points at Miss Malaysia World and say "Fuck you, you are fired!" (this is a hyperbole, not intended to insult anyone, please don't sue me)]

I may as well run a fan club for her...

note : all photos are from her Facebook profile and fan page..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is Nothing Wrong with Fetishes, Malaysia

Note : I wrote this post for last wednesday, but pulling it over and wrote another one on earthquake and tsunami on Samoa and Indonesia. And now, here it is...

Second post about Malaysia in a row, TheStar reported that a Terengganu State Exco (something like a minister at state level in the Federation of Malaysia) call upon a man who had some fetishes to get psychiatric help.

Apparently, this is because this guy likes to put in some objects into his wife private parts as part of their sex life.

Only that the wife are not so keen on it. Wait, that is an understatement. The wife lodged a police report over it.

So this state level minister said that bloke should get some help with his brain to treat his "sexual disorder" before he "targets innocents".

P-p-please-lar.....what so bad about fetish?

Granted, he should not force his wife to do it.

Granted, any sexual act, including one of fetish, should be consensual.

And this guy ABSOLUTELY is at fault for forcing her wife to do it (if the wife is to be believed).

But hey, there is no need for psychiatric help, no?

Having fetish is just like having some preference over some sexual position. Some like it doggie. Some like it cowgirl aka woman on top.

For fetishes, some like to lick toes, some take extreme liking to breast (like me), some like sexy lingerie, some like leather wear, and some, well, like to put something into pussy.

And some may like bondage and SM.

And who can be so noble to claim that all these are wrong?

Should we only have missionary style sex with the consent of God (maybe asking the priest or imam or monk first before fucking)?

No, just like this is a sexological blog, no one should be telling another what they should or should not do behind closed doors.

And what's about that accusation about this pussy-stuffing-loving-guy will target innocents? Why accuse him of a despicable act?

Just because the wife does not like it doesn't change him into a predator. There might be other women who like it and there can be consensual sex, with some fetishes.

Wake up, Malaysia, wake up, World.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa Tsunami and Indonesia Earthquake : IS It Us Who Did It?

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***

Today, i bought a book titled The World Without Us by Weisman, which is basically about how the world will cope without us human destroying it.

Just a few chapters into it, came the tragic news of earthquake-induced tsunami hitting the little known Samoa, killing hundreds, and the figure will probably goes higher as the picture get clearer.

And another earthquake hits Indonesia, sending tremors to neighboring states and tsunami warning to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

It make me wonder, did we human caused all these?

The frequency of mega calamities has increased. Some blame global warming, some say punishment from God, some say it is sign of World's End.

I think its the first one - global warming. A degree of Celsius increase causing the whole balance tipsy turvy. In turn inducing more mega disasters. Like the many we had nowadays.

And yeah, if we don't mend our way, we might be creating our own End of Days, with or without God's help.

DS extends his condolences to the victims of both calamities. May God bless their souls, those still among us and those who are not.

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***

Monday, September 28, 2009

Principled and Gorgeous Felixia Quits Miss Malaysia

Across the causeway Singapore had made news with the many storms-in-a-teacup-turned-scandals in their beauty pageants but over in Malaysia, they had another bombshell on their own.

And this is what she announced over her personal Facebook account:

" officially withdrew herself from the Miss World Malaysia 09 due to some of its Terms And Conditions' issues which cannot be amended and thus, unacceptable for her and her current career...thank you all for your support, faith and for believing in her. Sorry for letting you all down...

Err, apparently because the T&C will screw her earnings.

Now that is one principled lady we got there. Screw the pageants. Be yourself. Why limit yourself by those self appointed moral guardians? Who are the pageants organizer to decide what a girl can and cannot do?

That is totally unacceptable, just like how many bloggers blast the two Miss Singapore for seemingly unrelated matters (to their titles).

And to Miss Felixia, you did the right thing.

And someone who likes sexy lingerie, high heeled boots and is a former kindergarten teacher cannot be wrong (ok, this is beside the point, but hey, this is one smart, principled, hot chick we got here!!).

And no surprise, i am officially a fan through her Facebook fan page.

So no prize for guessing where the above photos came from =p

Note : this will not be my last of pageants says......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Passing of Yoshito Usui - Crayon Shin Chan No More

I had been reading Crayon Shin Chan for as long as i started to read manga (that is comic in Japanese). It had literally accompany me growing up, though Shin Chan had never grow from his 5 years old.
But Crayon Shin Chan is no more, with the tragic passing of its mangaka (that is the artist) Yoshito Usui.
The great Usui had entertained us for decades, with the Shin Chan first making us laugh in 1990. The simplicity of life in Shin Chan had always found a place in my heart, in a vain attempt in keeping my sanity in the complexity of adult life. How life was so simple in Shin Chan world, and blissful.
I will always remember Usui as the best mangaka who created laughters around the world, and Shin Chan who grew up with me.
It is doubtful if anyone could step in his shoe to recreate the magic in Shin Chan's world.
My condolences to the families and friends of Yoshito Usui.

Goodbye Usui, Goodbye Shin Chan, my faithful friend.

(pictures from Subbie's blog (her link to Shin Chan here) and the last pic from asianpopcorn)

note : Usui had submitted two installments to his publisher. The manga will continue in Manga Town maagazine until the December issue (to be published in November). For those like me who buy the book, maybe we will have a volume 50.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Warzone : Facebook

Oh yea, this post has no sex.

Social networking has long been an important part of many's life. Sometimes, that is the only thing that keep us in contact with some old friends, some school friends and some who we just won't meet again anymore.

But it also has privacy risk. Somehow, we can't stop ourselves from posting pictures, posting videos or just plain some good websites. And the worst is, we can't stop sharing our "status" or our "thinking" and what we "feel" at that exact moment.

If someone pissed you off, you post in your facebook (for example) status "Miss X, please take care of your own ass before bumping into mine". Or worse "Someone just don't know how to behave. Why not you put your nose somewhere between your legs before sniffing my pussy?"

And why not something more direct "Mr. Dark Snow, you are an asshole. Keep your fucking mouth shut and start getting some life!"

(note:the above ".." are merely creations)

And guess what, there goes anything that might be salvageable.

Now you might say "oh please, i don't want anything to do with that bitch". But hey, do you know how many people are reading your "status"? It's not mafia wars (an app in facebook) where you go on war with someone and it ends there. There are some serious repercussions of what you are doing!

When things go into open, that will be a free for all. You will lose more than gaining anything at all. Going about in facebook is just like in real life. You must have restraint. Stay your tongue, just like you should in the office. And of course, stay your hand.

What will be lost when going into war like this? In real life, you will get sacked, losing more than one friend, lose some connections, losing opportunity, getting a reputation you might not want, and host others.
(image from

The same goes to facebook. you bitch about someone who pissed you off, you will get something like above.

But the worst is, you might be angry with a close friend, spill it out on facebook, then getting an effect you never wanted. You might still wanna be friend with him, but because of the facebook effect, the friendship is gone.

The bottomline is, what ever logic that apply in real life, they apply in facebook. Be responsible of what you are sharing. A little picture might screw a marriage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Woman Who Loves Sex is Ten Times Better Than a Hot Beautiful Woman Who Doesn't

Let me just add, an ordinary looking woman who loves sex is at the very least ten times better than a hot woman who doesn't.

Simple reason - we men loves sex, or maybe only man like me do!

What's the point of an absolutely hot lady when you can only fuck a few times a month? Or less?

No, i am not fond of a trophy to show off.

And men need sex to feel love. Without sex, we felt unloved.

Don't use the women logic on this (women have sex when they felt love, complete opposite, and even that, some are not so interested), but accept that there are differences between the gender.

For me, you can look ordinary but as long as you love sex and provides good one (together with good attitude), then you are on as the candidate for the best life partner.

(picture from

Now, doesn't the above picture feels absolutely good?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blowjob That I Would Like

Note : This as written on borrowed time, so hope it is worthwhile.

First of all, oral sex is illegal in some jurisdiction, so i would just start by saying nothing in this post is to be construed that i had or planning to get a blowjob. It must not be construed that i am promoting one too!

Now back to the post. I have never given a blowjob to be honest, so i do not know the in and out of it. But as someone who got something to be blown, i would like these;

1) Lick around the base of the dick.

Most girls (and boys) would go straight to the dick head. Wrong way. Guys like to have all of it getting attention too, and its certainly building up all the sexual gratification by slowly proceed, starting from the most unsensitive place (of the most sensitive organ).

2) Lick and Suck the Balls too!

Now even if the balls are not as sensitive as the dick, it does not mean that the ball is to be neglected. In fact, it is part of the sexual organ and licking it is greatly arousing. Putting the whoile piece into the mouth (if the mouth is big enough) and licking it inside would be fantastic, though you would need a mouth as big as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. Or maybe not if the balls aren't too big.

Now who say big mouth is ugly? My balls would say that.

3) Lick the whole shaft first

The girls and boys would normally straight away engulf the dick head. Wrong wrong wrong.

Lick the shaft, the whole thing first. Lick like it is a long ice cream. Make sure not even a millimeter is missed.

4) Suck the dick too!

When engulfing the dick, many like to go up and down, simulating a vagina. While this is good, what is the difference between the mouth and vagina then (except one is mouth and another is vagina)?

I would myself like to be sucked. Deep. Not too long or any guy will spill. So time your sucking to make sure he does not ruin your own orgasm by cumming too early.

A series of short sucks would be fantastic.

5) Massage the balls at all time

Again, the balls. Many girls and boys like to hold the base of the dick to prevent thrusting which is correct if the dude just cannot help it. But for those guys who can hold still, hold and massage the balls instead. That is supremely gratifying and arousing to have the dick sucked and the balls massaged at the same time.

6) Biting

No, don't bite his thing off. Just a few small bite, here and there, in between licking and sucking would be great.

7) Varieties, babe

For those who say the guy can never differentiate when his dick is on fire, you are sorely wrong. This is where the difference of a great sex partner and a lousy one comes in. There must be varities. Human are not robots. Even if you got no creative idea, just do the above items in random succession and the guy will remember you for the rest of his life. If you give a fantastic sex afterward, maybe everytime he thinks of you, he will wet his underwear.....

8) Deepthroat

I have not tried this before so i do not know does it feels, so no comment here..

9) Hot and cold treatment

I heard this is great, but that may be asking too much of the giver. If you are feeling generous, just do it and let him got another thing to remember!

The "treatment" goes like this. Drink cold water, blow him a few times, drink warm water, blow another few times, drink cold water, blow, warm water, blow, cold catch the drift.

Yeah, those will be the ones that i would like to have.

Is there anymore brilliant ways that all can try?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moral Values Story of the Day

Once upon a time, there lives a man. One day while he was stroling beside a waterfall, he saw a beautiful girl bathing in the river. And so, he did what every man will do, peep.

What a fucking luck, he even saw that the clothes are hanging on the side of the river. Wasting no time, he rush over, and did what every man wished he had the guts to do that - grab those clothes.

The beautiful girl, upon seeing him stealing, swim to the side of the river. Apparently, this is no girl but a beautiful lady!

The lady said, "Hey you dirty crook, give me back my clothes!"

"Nay, there is no need for bad words, you fucking bitch, i am going to keep these as souvenirs."

Panic, she said,"Ok, if you give me back my clothes, i will grant you a wish."

Couldn't believe his luck, he replied what every man would reply,"My wish is to fuck your brain out"

"No you can't for i am an angel, and an angel is unfuckable," and she rose, to first show her full and heavy bosom, the to the awe of the man, the awesome wings, like those of an oversize chicken.

"Ahh, so you are an chicken angel...i see.."

Upon pondering, he finally said,"Ya know, i always wanted to be rich"

The chicken angel said"Deal, everything you touch will turn into gold."


And so, this man now has the touch of gold, let us call him the man with the golden finger.

Mr. Golden Finger was actually already well to do, but he wanted to be as rich as the Gates. Now, laughing to himself, he can finally do!

"Fuck those Windows, now i can have gold windows!" And so, he touched his house window, and they turn gold!

"Nothing beats this touch, not even the constantly annoying Vista and the fucking yet to be born 7. No, with this, i don't need a computer!" and he touched his newly bought, constantly crashing laptop, and walau! it turned into gold!

"Shit! All my fucking uncensored japanese porns are gone liao!!! Damn! Damn! Damn! Stupid Dell, why turn into gold so easily?"

After a whole day of turning his house gold, he finally got hungry. And so, he grab some bread, but it turned gold! He took some water, but the moment it touched his lips, they turn solid gold as well!

"Shit, how am i supposed to eat? Got money also no life to spend!"

At this moment of time, his daugther came home.

"Daddy, what happen to our house?"

"Ahh, my good daughter, wasn't this great?" he went to greet his daughter. But he forgot something. And, as you know, the daugther now turned gold!

At this moment of time, the chicken angel arrived, and to cut the story short, he lost his golden touch (and everything that had turned gold back to normal) and got back his daugther, and all his porns.

the end.

Moral of the story;

1) Don't bath in the waterfall, or your clothes will be stolen
2) Always walk near waterfall to see pretty girls bathing
3) Don't wear clothes to waterfall to avoid being stolen
4) Be a man, so that we can steal clothes
5) Don't save porn in laptop, or they will be gone
6) Practice to eat gold
7) Don't have a daugther
8) Don't be jealous of bill gates

Anymore that i missed?

*note - sorry that i did not update lately, got so fucking busy..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woman Wacking Man's Private Part in Public

There are a few things i wanted to write about, but this, i think, should go first.

I remember reading about the news piece a few days ago, and dismissing it as another weird human behaviour.

But then again, this will make for a great (almost) sexological discussion.

'Nuff said, let's see what's the real stuff.

A woman whacking a man's private part in the public?

Are they into BDSM or something?

Whatever it is, now the plate number can be seen all over the world. The girl and the guy's face, though unclear, can be basically made out, if with the car.

And worse, all of their friends now knew of this, whoever the car belongs to.

Bow, there is nothing wrong to be into BDSM. There is nothing wrong for the girl to be the dominant one in the relationship.

There is absolutely noting wrong with liking to whack private parts.

But this is very wrong - losing it in the public.

Whatever had happened, arguing, quarelling in the public is always bad. Making yourself look very very bad.

And the worse is scolding your partner. How is he or she going to face the public?

But nothing beats this. Hitting private part with high heels, grabbing, and squeezing it, hitting his face with heels again, and being recorded and uploaded to YouTube for all to see is the height of impropriety. Life can never be the same again for both of them. They are both screwed.

The rule of thumb in a relationship always remain this - never let it out in the public. You can quarrel, argue, scold, throw things, even hitting private parts if that is the way you work it out in your relationship. But do it in the comfort of your home. Where you can both let it out. There is no need for all to see, and no need to show prowess. If the relationship is between two (or more) persons, let it be that way, whatever happens.


Anyway out?

Why not the couple just claim that it was a hoax and just to test YouTube's following in Singapore?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revenge of the Geeks Continues With "I Love You, Beth Cooper"

Recently, my girl and i watched the movie "I Love You, Beth Cooper" which had Heroes' cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere as the lead girl.

Oh yea, its another teen movie.

Funny, many sex innuendo, the usual stuffs.
And no, i am not talking about the movie today.

What struck me was, lately, in this ten years or so, we had what i should call the revenge of the geeks.

In just so many movies, in the end of the day, the hot chick will ditch the absolutely hot hunk (who happens to be the biggest jerk in the movie) and go for the geek who secretly admires the girl for years without the girl knowing it.

Talking about it reminds me of Spiderman, with Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Transformer, with the guy whom i totally forgot the name and the smoking hot Megan Fox, whose character name i forgot too, and scoreless others.

Err, that is not to say hunks and hot chicks stories had no market. Just look at vampire Edward Cullen and High School Musical.

But it had became fashionable that a geek will eventually, finally, got his girl after the girl realise what a loser the hunk is, and the geek got his reward for his preserverance. A sizzling hot reward at that.

In a way, these movies might not be far away from reality. Bad boys do have an abundance of sex appeal but after a while, and getting old, the appeal do wane and these girls might wanna settle for a nice guy who had a peaceful, settled life, not to mention a steady paycheck.

And, oh yeah, many people ended up working for geeks too. The richest men in the world are mostly geeks. Go figure.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Measuring Bra Size

Yesterday, my girl and i went to shop for some bras. The silly girl seems to have her bra size wrong all the while!

To say the truth, most of the female in the world got one of their most important garment in th e wrong size, in the process slowly damaging the most lovely body part the God had created.

Once and for all, let DS try to make out what he understands.

1) measure the underbust line, i.e. the ribcage just below the boobs

2) measure the bust line, i.e. the full breast, normally over the nipple. oh yea, don't pull or compress them. some do say we should wear a non-padded bra or hold the boobies slightly to get the measurement.

3) Bra band size = underbust + 4 (if even number), + 5 (if odd number)

4) Cup size = bust - underbust, where 1 inches would be A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D, 5 inches = DD cup so on and so forth.

For example, when the under bust is 29 inches, the bra band size would be 34. If the bust line is 33, then the cup would be 33 - 29 = 4 inches. This brilliant lady should wear a 34D bra.

Another exmaple would be reverse calculation. The brilliant, absolutely sexy, fantastic female sex blogger June Loi is having a 36C breast. In this regard, we can say she had a 32 inches underbust, and 35 inches bust, giving a band line of 36 (32 +4) and a C cup (35 - 32 = 3). Hope i got that right, June.

Of course, somethime, you can alternate between cup and band size for your bra. For example, a
34C breast can wear a 32D bra, and vice versa. But from what i see, wearing the size as calculated above make the boobies look much better than the alternate bra size. My girl had a 32D and wearing a 32D is much nicer and sexier than wearing a 34C, not to mention it fits her better and gives better support.

There are also some differences on the size of the cup and bra for different manufacrturer, so be sure to test them.

But the rule of thumb is always to test them first. Get a few sizes, having the range around the calculation as above. Get the most comfortable one, not the one that make you feel tight somewhere or loose somewhere.

Do i get the way right? If i do wrong, please enlighthen me how to properly calculate it. Thank you.

***Update 25/8.2009***

there is some mistake here..i think for this region at least, the band size need not to add 4 inches...and asian bras are measure in cm..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bully Moving Towards Sexual Slant?

We all remembers the day when we were very young, of the bullies, and victims getting bullied, in the school. Normally just a little teasing and slight physical jokes that are harmless.

There are some bullies though who forgot where is the line, driving the victims crazy and in some cases, killed themselves, the bullies get busted, some got sent away into correctional school.

But lately, there are so many bullying that has a sexual slant towards it. The latest i have read of is from Malaysia, and this is the original news, on theStar.

What happen was the bully, a Year One (seven years old) student, was not satisfied with the 50 cents he got from the victim, slashed the victim's testicle instead. The poor victim got a 3cm wound.

So the moral of the story is, give your son more than 50 cents to school.

Or send your son to a girl school.

Or just don't get a son.

Ok, joke aside, this is a serious matter. Putting sex into bullying, in this case, s/m in the form of ball torture, surely is bad. Imagine your son, or your brother or any male that you know going to school exposed to this.

Girl are not having an easier time either. There was this video said to be a bullying scene from Hong Kong (see here). The victim said to be trying to date the bully's boyfriend, and got kicked, stripped and recorded down and sent to the whole wide world to see.

Now what had happen to the school? Are the kids getting extreme sex education from the school or trying to apply porn into real life?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Is Hard To Be The Most Beautiful Politician in the World

A beautiful, or a handsome politician is not hard to find, afterall many ex-entertainers are jumping into the fray to govern people's live.

But to become the world most beautiful politician must be sight to behold, something to be shout of.

But alas, for Yuri Fujikawa, becoming the most beautiful politician
in the world for the year 2009 turns out to be a bane, with added scrutiny, culminating in a scandal involving her and another married politician. Wonder if this father of two is dead drop gorgeous too.

It broke out when she was seen entering the same hotel as the other guy, and leaving the next day. The thing is, the hotel is only ten minutes away from her house.

But hey, aren't the people who made much noise to nosy? What's her private affair gotta do with you?

As long as she is performing, there should not be other consideration. Morality attack is certainly ugly.

in campaign trail

This however, is not the first time she made news. In 2008, she made a video and pictorial to publicize her constituency as tourist attraction, even appearing in swimwear in those. Costing 4000 yen when first came out, it created much a stir.

said to be screenshot of the video, not known if true

Sex sells and this video surely shows that. Many gravure model in Japan released such album, but for a politician to do the same, it is surprising.

But then again, maybe this works well as she is still in the legislative council.

Hopefully, she will be able to ride this storm out. It is too bad that a politician loses her place because of some self appointed morality moron.

And no doubt, Japan politics will lose much color if she is gone. Hey, every country needs something to bring youngsters attention to it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shaving GF Pussy

Many like to have a shaven pussy, men or women alike.

So do i.

And this time, i myself did the job, to shave my girl's pussy.

You see, many girls have theirs shaven/trimmed in some beauty centre, but come on, where the fun?

the fun is, you get to do the job on your girl's pussy.

The result? A not so nicely done job, but generally ok. The hair is gone and i can kiss the pussy straight to the skin. Easier for oral sex too! Definitely better than hairy ones.

But the bad thing is, pubic hair, just like those on armpit and moustache, tend to grow very fast after being shaven, causing itchiness by the time a few hour had passed.

Will i do it again? Of course! why give the money to someone else when you can have the fun?

*note : be very careful if you shave it yourself as that part is generally sensitive.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Oral Sex?

At the very first place, let me just say oral sex is illegal in some jurisdiction. Some notable development would Indian Court had just recently declared its unconstitutional to ban gay sex (read SODOMY), while it is legal for consensual heterosexual oral sex in Singapore (previously illegal, though everyone is doing it), while in Malaysia, it is still illegal, and yes, i think everyone is doing it too.

However, oral sex is only illegal when performed on man, it is perfectly legal to perform it on a woman. Talk about gender equality.

Now, what so good about oral sex?

For a man, the feeling of his rod being sucked at like the most delicious candy is surely great. In anyway, there is a lot more thing you can do with your mouth than with your pussy. One can press all the sensitive point with her mouth, something a pussy can never do. And the thought of a girl willing to go down for you.

For a woman, i believe, the reason is the same, though finger might do a better job.

I think the best part of oral sex is the psychological aspect of it. The meaning of someone willing to go down to a place one would normally would not go with his/her mouth and tongue.

Afterall, sex is not so much on physical aspect but more on mental gratification. What is perceived sometimes works better than what is in reality, or at least in women's mind, it does.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gender Equality

I remember one of my lecturer once said to the girls in the class "You and i are equal, i am not going to be nice to you".

Gender equality had always been something of contention in the battle of sexes. It just refused to go away after so many decades of activism.

Because the women had still yet to attain equality?

Because the women after attaining equality, but wanted an advantage, and hence protraying themselves as still not being equal?

The men just equally resistant to the notion of a woman being equal?

Whatever the reason, the argument that DS is proposing is this;

"There can be no equality in true sense of word"

Before i got pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes, allow me to say this.

1) DS agrees as far as human rights go, all human, whatever gender, race, religion, age, social status and whatever classification, shall have universally agreed human rights especially those enshrined in Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and they are inalienable.

2) DS agrees a women should be treated equally as a man as far as performance is concerned.

3) DS agrees luxuries of life are available to all humans who out to attain them by ethical means.

Now, why do DS says we cannot be equal since all of us should have the same human rights?

Simple. The fact that we are different.

Due to our differences, we have different need. WE have different preferences and different things turn us on.

For example, only a mother can have maternity leave.

Why can't man have the same length of maternity leave?

Because he doesn't bore the the child, nor does he goes to labour. He did not have to recuperate like a mother do. Etc. Etc. Granted, he might need to help out his wife, but surely, the amount of leave cannot be the same.

And of course, we cannot be equal in toilet, or we should be sharing toilets instead of having it separated by gender.

At the same time, DS had to say that even basic human rights for women still had some way to go. For example, there is still differences in wages though the work done is essentially the same, ceteris peribus, though the gap is getting smaller and in some profession, eliminated.

At the same breath, DS must also say women also had undue advantage due to their assertion of what they claim is women's rights. Family law is one of the best example and will remain unsolved for foreseeable future. Preference for certain gender in certain profession is another form of sexual discrimination, of which both genders are guilty for.

Now, DS do not want to write an essay or a thesis here, so i will make it short. The difference in needs is the stumbling block in the attainment of equality. This should not be frown upon but should be celebrated. The fact the we are different is what makes human genders and humanity, where one party is a male and another is a female. We can all work together and ensure no one have undue advantage over another just because of gender and at the same time, try to accomodate the differences we had.

This balancing act is indeed tough but by no means inattainable.

Forgive me if i said anything wrong and enlighthen me of your views..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Had More Sex Than You Masturbate?

There was a radio program (for the uninitiated, radio is a machine, small one, that is used to transmit information, one way, only audio, no visual. you can say its a wireless device with only download and no upload, shit, i must be crazy thinking radio is such an outdated device that i need to explain it) this morning, the deejay asked the listeners (listening is the only thing a radio owner can do with his machine) their feeling about the phrase oft-used by older generation, "I ate salt more than you eat rice".

Which actually means the speaker had more experience than the listener, who must be a younger chap.

I never knew such a hyperbole actually generated much displeasure from the listener. Of course it is not a sexy moan like JL had, but surely, a little hyperbole don't kill, no?

One listener called in to retort "salt are eaten spoon by spoon (i think he meant cooking) while rice are eaten bowl by bowl. how could he possibly eat more salt than i do rice?"

Another said this "uncle, if you really eat more salt than i do rice, you must be having kidney problem for a long time ago that you will not be talking to me now (RestInPeace liao?)."

He also said the logical thing would be eat rice more than you do eat rice, walk more than you walk.

Come on lar, where is the omph?

DS today proudly propose a new and catchy phrase to totally replace the outdated, illogical, and much hated hyperbole with this one:


That goes on to show i am more "successful", so much so more than you had to do yourself.

Certainly put the listener down, IQ, EQ and sexually.

Come on everybody, after me, "I HAD SEX MORE THAN YOU MASTURBATE!!!!"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men's Feeling

Women tends to just bitch their heart out, while men just bottle them up.

Bad for heart, will get too stressed, then heart attack, those guys i mean.

Even in a relationship, DarkSnow will also just keep quiet, perhaps hoping that it will go away that way, or perhaps just doesn't want to talk about it.

But even DS does not know why, nor he knows how. DS sometimes wanted to cry, just why can't she understand? Just why can't she just treat me nice? Just why can't she just keep her temper? Just why can't she just be a good girl and not throwing tantrum at every moment, right and wrong?

Gals will defend gals and guys will defend guys but this is not the kind of reasoning i want. The kind that just normally thrown out across gender lines.

DS wanted something that cut across gender line, to give an unbias appreciation as to why, these two types of homo sapiens, are so different that as they became more sophisticated, the differene became more pronounce and we just thought, well, maybe its best that we just keep at arms length, but at the same time, wanted to get closer.

i am very sad and confuse now. i just got my brain screwed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sometimes, Sex Scene Just Ruin It

First of all, i got nothing against having sex scene in a movie or music video or work of art. In fact, if it adds value to the art, it must be encouraged. For example, sex to show deep emotional attachment, to show human frailty, to even show humanity, and these should be encouraged and celebrated. Afterall, haven't we just done it all?

But sometimes, some directors just seems to be seeking some cheap thrill, adding sex scene just because they can, without bothering if it compatible with their work at all.

For example, this;

I had nothing against the sex scene somewhere in the middle of the MV. To tell a story in 4-5 minutes is a great challenge and using sex to portray deep emotional attachment is all right, though not creative.

But i have a great problem with the girl stripping for the two guys in the beginning of the MV. What the fuck? What does it try to tell? Great friendship between the three?

That is seriously a big big cheap thrill.

And consider this;

Shit! Is this a soft core porn or an MV? It did absolutely no justice to the vocal prowess of the singer. Just what does two people going to hotel to get some sex gotta do with the message of the song?

Now, to show how it is done, let us see my idol David Tao's MV;

It shows very little flesh, but essentially capturing all sexual tension between the three main characters. The loneliness and emotional breakdown of the innocent wife cleverly portrayed. The conflicting and suicidal emotion of the vivacious "other woman" due to the love triangle can really make you feel for her. And the adulterer David Tao, well, he better off going back singing.

My point is, to use sex, the best is to use it subtly, seemlessly, and the most importantly, is to do so with a purpose, or the sex will just ruin the whole thing.

What do you think? You have any other videos that uses sex?