Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Felixia Yeap Won Lumix Panasonic Star Search

After giving Miss Malaysia World a miss, the gorgeous Felixia Yeap won the Lumix model search amid supportive screams from her fans (DS however, was not there).

And you should be the judge if she is good enough to make it big!

She can be so angelic...

and at the same time a devil...oh, what a body to die for...

don't you wanna buy a Lumix now?

do you wish to be a cat now?

It is my opinion that Felixia can make it real big. She has all the material to be a star, and an attitude to boot.

And with all the publicities now, she should be one of the most recognisable face in Malaysia, the chick who fried Miss Malaysia World "sotong" [for the uninitiated, it means she points at Miss Malaysia World and say "Fuck you, you are fired!" (this is a hyperbole, not intended to insult anyone, please don't sue me)]

I may as well run a fan club for her...

note : all photos are from her Facebook profile and fan page..