Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Should Decide How Girls/Beauty Queens Behave?

Who should then decide how girls and beauty queens in particular behave?

We have in Singapore, Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum being called to be stripped of her title for some pictures taken in a party, and they were not even anything, just harmless fun thrown by her friend for her, and some girls night out.

Look at these pictures. Are they really that harmful? Grow up, people, especially the so-called bloggers who are nothing more than self-appointed moral guardians.

eating a dick-shaped cake bought by friend is harmful?

playing with a blowjob doll who got nothing to blow is also harmful?
aww...having a girls night out is soooooo harmful....

Pictures from

The guns then trained on Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low for her allegedly bad English.

Ahh, so we have fantastic speaker in Singapore, which is (in)famous for their Singlish?

As though there are someone who is determined to pull her down, came her concealment of her past conviction for credit card fraud.

It was of course, stipulated in the contract that she must reveal them, and those who had one cannot compete.

My point is, why bar someone with previous conviction? Must a Miss something something be a squeaky clean person? Does being convicted make a person "unclean"?

Heck, she was already punished by a Court of law. Are you saying the Court is useless that everyone need to punish her again?

Where goes the "giving a person a second chance"?

Yes she lied, but if she don't no one gonna let her in anyway.

Perhaps all these stupid moral conditions to be a beauty queen is what pissed Felixia Yeap off, that she quits Miss Malaysia World after getting amongst the finalist.

Felixia claimed the conditions in the contract will affect her rice bowl.

well, she did some lingerie modelling and maybe that is what disallowed by the organiser. Squeaky clean huh?

She is clean enough for me, and have enough brains and guts.

In Indonesia, another type of storm is brewing. It seems Miss Indonesia Universe 2009 Qori Sandioriva who represents the province of Aceh when winning the title caught the anger of Islamist in Aceh. They are angry that she did not wear a headgear to the competition.

Qori Sandioriva crowned Miss Indonesia on 9 October 2009
picture from BBC

Brilliant. When she goes to Miss Universe, she gotta wear a swimsuit. Now how about that? Stone her?

Maybe they should follow Malaysia's example, ban the Muslims from competing. Ban Aceh as well. Solve all the problems.

The microscope then trains back to Singapore when Ris Low replacement, the beautiful girl who had an exotic name, Pilar Carmelita Arlando seems to not to have a clue on Singapore's general issues.

Pilar...ignorant of issues and information about her country

picture from dailychili

The netizens actually said she had zero IQ.

Ahh, so now we need beauty queens who had an IQ of 200?

Oh, yea, i remember, to be a beauty queen, we need a beauty who had a brain.

It doesn't matter if she looks like a gorilla as long as she had a brain.

Hmm, as though saying "I hope for world peace" needs a lot of brain.

And as far as i remember, the questions need EQ, which i think she should be ok.

But then again, who is to decide how these girls behave?


  1. That is why Miss THB don't like to expose her not-so-beautiful face and come out from anonymity because there are people who commented my face is damaged despite me not showing my pictures.

    People also commemted my English is bad, corrected my grammer, spelling and moral values.

    As for morals, as if I encourage people to cheat on partners, have casual sex and prostitute themselves. I tell myself these people never have sex and does not understand sex that is why they dunno why sex is wonderful.

    Suddenly the world is beautiful once more when we can accept there are dumb people around... :)

    Pity the girls but I admire their courage. Cheers to Riz Low.

  2. more so called bloggers are interested in criticizing than have some intellectual discussion...

    but THB is one of the best blogger that i have come across, so no worries...