Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa Tsunami and Indonesia Earthquake : IS It Us Who Did It?

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***

Today, i bought a book titled The World Without Us by Weisman, which is basically about how the world will cope without us human destroying it.

Just a few chapters into it, came the tragic news of earthquake-induced tsunami hitting the little known Samoa, killing hundreds, and the figure will probably goes higher as the picture get clearer.

And another earthquake hits Indonesia, sending tremors to neighboring states and tsunami warning to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

It make me wonder, did we human caused all these?

The frequency of mega calamities has increased. Some blame global warming, some say punishment from God, some say it is sign of World's End.

I think its the first one - global warming. A degree of Celsius increase causing the whole balance tipsy turvy. In turn inducing more mega disasters. Like the many we had nowadays.

And yeah, if we don't mend our way, we might be creating our own End of Days, with or without God's help.

DS extends his condolences to the victims of both calamities. May God bless their souls, those still among us and those who are not.

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***


  1. What a total mess. I have family in Indonesia, and I panic every time something like this happens. I agree it's us humans who are responsible for these events. The world may just be trying to get rid of us so that it can survive.

  2. I don't believe that it's just human beings that caused this entire ruckus. I mean, granted there are billions of human who roam the earth; and we do contribute Allot to the awful direction the environment is going in. But the world is changing regardless of what we. In theory the earth has gone through May stages, maybe we are seeing the likes of another one?

  3. did we or did we not? no one can be sure..

    but there is no denying that the recent change on earth had predominantly caused by humans...

    but the world will not end, just man will...