Friday, September 18, 2009

Warzone : Facebook

Oh yea, this post has no sex.

Social networking has long been an important part of many's life. Sometimes, that is the only thing that keep us in contact with some old friends, some school friends and some who we just won't meet again anymore.

But it also has privacy risk. Somehow, we can't stop ourselves from posting pictures, posting videos or just plain some good websites. And the worst is, we can't stop sharing our "status" or our "thinking" and what we "feel" at that exact moment.

If someone pissed you off, you post in your facebook (for example) status "Miss X, please take care of your own ass before bumping into mine". Or worse "Someone just don't know how to behave. Why not you put your nose somewhere between your legs before sniffing my pussy?"

And why not something more direct "Mr. Dark Snow, you are an asshole. Keep your fucking mouth shut and start getting some life!"

(note:the above ".." are merely creations)

And guess what, there goes anything that might be salvageable.

Now you might say "oh please, i don't want anything to do with that bitch". But hey, do you know how many people are reading your "status"? It's not mafia wars (an app in facebook) where you go on war with someone and it ends there. There are some serious repercussions of what you are doing!

When things go into open, that will be a free for all. You will lose more than gaining anything at all. Going about in facebook is just like in real life. You must have restraint. Stay your tongue, just like you should in the office. And of course, stay your hand.

What will be lost when going into war like this? In real life, you will get sacked, losing more than one friend, lose some connections, losing opportunity, getting a reputation you might not want, and host others.
(image from

The same goes to facebook. you bitch about someone who pissed you off, you will get something like above.

But the worst is, you might be angry with a close friend, spill it out on facebook, then getting an effect you never wanted. You might still wanna be friend with him, but because of the facebook effect, the friendship is gone.

The bottomline is, what ever logic that apply in real life, they apply in facebook. Be responsible of what you are sharing. A little picture might screw a marriage.

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