Saturday, March 27, 2010

Masturbating while on the Road

I am terribly sorry to m readers that i am missing for such a long time. Too busy, but no worries, this absence filled me with some juicy articles to share.

Not very long ago, i was sitting in a bus. It was on an expressway/highway. And voila! someone riding a bike was masturbating while in the middle of the road!!!

For the record, it was a man.

For further record, he has a big dick, with a very good girth.

For further further record, i was not fast enough to take out my handphone to snatch a photo, for the bus was travelling very fast. Sorry, my bad.

God damn it, his bike was swirling left and right, and all he was doing was to rub his dick in furious speed.

I wonder if he will crash the moment he spurts his load.

But there is no news on man crashing while masturbating, so i think he survive without meeting an accident.

This get me thinking - just what the fuck was he thinking?

Did the breeze get his dick high?

Or just pure voyeur?

I think he derives pleasure from the thought that other road users might saw him.

And that some ladies might admired his dick.

And surely the wind helps too.

And maybe spurting his seeds on the road is a great idea of eroticism.

All i can say, what a great sexology study.

I remember there was once i say another man playing with his dick while driving in his car.

Same type of pleasure maybe?

p/s : i don't think i can do this, not my definition of pleasure..but there is nothing wrong in doing this, if it will not endanger other road users..which it will most probably do, if your bike is swirling left and right.