Friday, February 18, 2011

When Porn was an Art: Tentacle Sex

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's look at this picture below;

Tentacle hentai rape

Everyone would know that this is from the Japanese hentai manga or anime.

Which means cartoon or comic porn.

The Japanese seems fixated with having octopus raping women. They usually starts violently, and ends with the women enjoying the rape (either through drugs or pure lust) and having endless orgasm.

Now before you pelt me with rotten eggs, please bear in mind that this is porn, where imagination runs wild and logic thrown out of the window.

And there is also a theory that women secretly love to be rape, but that is not for today, we shall deal with that in other articles.

The funny thing about this tentacle sex thingy that the Japanese have is that, this is not a modern phenomena.

Now look at this picture;

This painting is called 蛸と海女 (tako ko ama) or in English "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" or literally translated as "Octopus and Sea Female" or "Octopus and Diver" (thanks to Google Translate). This fine baby was first published in 1814 credited to Japanese artist Hokusai.

This fine baby has a giant octopus sucking on the lady's pussy, when a smaller octopus kissing the lady and fondling her breast. You will note that the Japanese culture of not shaving their pussy was unchanged from then till now, even with the onslaught of American culture.

Now, Japanese are, by far, one of the the most creative people i have ever seen. You can now wear this beautiful artwork around your dick and ass.



I saw this jeans at where you can order it. I have never come across rakuten before, so i don't know if it is reliable.

Oh, did i tell you guys i just love Japanese?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Throwing Oranges to Find a Lover

Today is the 14th day of the Lunar New Year.

15th is considered the Lunar Valentine's, where some ceremonies will take place.

This include throwing mandarin oranges into the sea.
Mandarin Orange (Tangerine)">
As crazy as it may sound, the girls will write their contacts on the oranges and throw them into the sea. The guys will, of course, go pick them up randomly.

As with all theories of probabilities, the more you throw or collect, the higher the chance you might chance into THE ONE.

Oh yea, obviously this valentine's is for those who are in the market hunting for someone.

Or maybe, it is just a lousy excuse to throw excess and unfinished mandarin oranges without the fear of being labelled as litter bugs.

But whatever it is, this should be a good hunting ground for male and female alike.

Well, looking at the picture above, maybe it's better not to actually pick up any mandarin oranges.

There are other better hunting grounds.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wallowing in Self Pity after a Break Up

Been away for a while, due to a horrible break up.

Break up has always been a painful thing to go through, whether you are a guy or a girl, whether you are the one who initiated the break up, or the one on the receiving end.

It puts everything on hold, and for that brief moment, as though the world is secondary to you wallowing in your self pity.

If there is a third party involved, it felt even worse, but that may be a blessing in disguise.

Because you would know very well there is no way you can get back together.

Because you would know very well there is no need to wait.

Because you would know very well there is absolutely nothing you can do but to let go.

Because that would certainly shove you out of the room you shared, and now there will be someone else who will be fucking him/her on the bed you paid for.

And this is a very big fuck up.

So fuck you, i hereby declare that i am now in the market again.