Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bully Moving Towards Sexual Slant?

We all remembers the day when we were very young, of the bullies, and victims getting bullied, in the school. Normally just a little teasing and slight physical jokes that are harmless.

There are some bullies though who forgot where is the line, driving the victims crazy and in some cases, killed themselves, the bullies get busted, some got sent away into correctional school.

But lately, there are so many bullying that has a sexual slant towards it. The latest i have read of is from Malaysia, and this is the original news, on theStar.

What happen was the bully, a Year One (seven years old) student, was not satisfied with the 50 cents he got from the victim, slashed the victim's testicle instead. The poor victim got a 3cm wound.

So the moral of the story is, give your son more than 50 cents to school.

Or send your son to a girl school.

Or just don't get a son.

Ok, joke aside, this is a serious matter. Putting sex into bullying, in this case, s/m in the form of ball torture, surely is bad. Imagine your son, or your brother or any male that you know going to school exposed to this.

Girl are not having an easier time either. There was this video said to be a bullying scene from Hong Kong (see here). The victim said to be trying to date the bully's boyfriend, and got kicked, stripped and recorded down and sent to the whole wide world to see.

Now what had happen to the school? Are the kids getting extreme sex education from the school or trying to apply porn into real life?

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