Saturday, October 10, 2009

China's Hot Female Soldiers On Anniversary Parade

A little more than a week ago, China celebrated its 60th anniversary of Communist rule with some parade on its military might.

And no, DS does not intend to turn this into a political blog or military blog. It is and will remain a sex blog.

I even time this post to be at this time so as to escape the "heat" on China's military might debates.

So, what does China's military parade gotta do with me?


(from Al Jazeera)

God damn it, look at those pink chics with heavy guns!!

They are the female militia (read : CIVILIAN reserve force) of China's already swarming PLA.

And their commanders look like this;

What can i say, nicely shaped legs, respectable boobs, fantastic vital stats for all of them.

Not to mention the precision worthy of an army march pass.

And they should be the first armed force in the world, active or reserve, that wears pink!!

Can't get enough of them? What about a video?

If you think these pink chics are gorgeous only because they are not in active service, take a look at these active female soldiers;

180,000 marchers processed through Beijing's Tiananmen Square

Same beautiful legs, same respectable boobs size, same body shape, just darker uniforms.

I wonder, how do these girls managed to train to this level, and yet retain all their feminine features?

When comes to female fighters, normally we can only think of muscled, rough, etc that even the Wonder Woman looks a MILF on steroid who had a silicone-enhanced boob. Who would have thought, in this world, there are actually female fighter like those on parade in China? Soft features at all the right place, yet retaining a stern and serious face that ready to shot you to death. Man, only in China.

I know there are also pretty chics in other military, but heck, this much?

Anyway, just leave all the debates aside, and let us enjoy this video, showing the march pass of female joint force (air-navy-land) together with the reserve force (they pinky ones);

No dispute, they are gorgeous.

Wait, wait, sick of soldiers? What about a model?

A model holds a national flag of China outside a shopping mall during a sales promotion during China's national day holiday in Hong Kong

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