Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa Tsunami and Indonesia Earthquake : IS It Us Who Did It?

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***

Today, i bought a book titled The World Without Us by Weisman, which is basically about how the world will cope without us human destroying it.

Just a few chapters into it, came the tragic news of earthquake-induced tsunami hitting the little known Samoa, killing hundreds, and the figure will probably goes higher as the picture get clearer.

And another earthquake hits Indonesia, sending tremors to neighboring states and tsunami warning to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

It make me wonder, did we human caused all these?

The frequency of mega calamities has increased. Some blame global warming, some say punishment from God, some say it is sign of World's End.

I think its the first one - global warming. A degree of Celsius increase causing the whole balance tipsy turvy. In turn inducing more mega disasters. Like the many we had nowadays.

And yeah, if we don't mend our way, we might be creating our own End of Days, with or without God's help.

DS extends his condolences to the victims of both calamities. May God bless their souls, those still among us and those who are not.

***the normal sex post update is pulled over in respect of these tragedies***

Monday, September 28, 2009

Principled and Gorgeous Felixia Quits Miss Malaysia

Across the causeway Singapore had made news with the many storms-in-a-teacup-turned-scandals in their beauty pageants but over in Malaysia, they had another bombshell on their own.

And this is what she announced over her personal Facebook account:

" officially withdrew herself from the Miss World Malaysia 09 due to some of its Terms And Conditions' issues which cannot be amended and thus, unacceptable for her and her current career...thank you all for your support, faith and for believing in her. Sorry for letting you all down...

Err, apparently because the T&C will screw her earnings.

Now that is one principled lady we got there. Screw the pageants. Be yourself. Why limit yourself by those self appointed moral guardians? Who are the pageants organizer to decide what a girl can and cannot do?

That is totally unacceptable, just like how many bloggers blast the two Miss Singapore for seemingly unrelated matters (to their titles).

And to Miss Felixia, you did the right thing.

And someone who likes sexy lingerie, high heeled boots and is a former kindergarten teacher cannot be wrong (ok, this is beside the point, but hey, this is one smart, principled, hot chick we got here!!).

And no surprise, i am officially a fan through her Facebook fan page.

So no prize for guessing where the above photos came from =p

Note : this will not be my last of pageants says......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Passing of Yoshito Usui - Crayon Shin Chan No More

I had been reading Crayon Shin Chan for as long as i started to read manga (that is comic in Japanese). It had literally accompany me growing up, though Shin Chan had never grow from his 5 years old.
But Crayon Shin Chan is no more, with the tragic passing of its mangaka (that is the artist) Yoshito Usui.
The great Usui had entertained us for decades, with the Shin Chan first making us laugh in 1990. The simplicity of life in Shin Chan had always found a place in my heart, in a vain attempt in keeping my sanity in the complexity of adult life. How life was so simple in Shin Chan world, and blissful.
I will always remember Usui as the best mangaka who created laughters around the world, and Shin Chan who grew up with me.
It is doubtful if anyone could step in his shoe to recreate the magic in Shin Chan's world.
My condolences to the families and friends of Yoshito Usui.

Goodbye Usui, Goodbye Shin Chan, my faithful friend.

(pictures from Subbie's blog (her link to Shin Chan here) and the last pic from asianpopcorn)

note : Usui had submitted two installments to his publisher. The manga will continue in Manga Town maagazine until the December issue (to be published in November). For those like me who buy the book, maybe we will have a volume 50.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Warzone : Facebook

Oh yea, this post has no sex.

Social networking has long been an important part of many's life. Sometimes, that is the only thing that keep us in contact with some old friends, some school friends and some who we just won't meet again anymore.

But it also has privacy risk. Somehow, we can't stop ourselves from posting pictures, posting videos or just plain some good websites. And the worst is, we can't stop sharing our "status" or our "thinking" and what we "feel" at that exact moment.

If someone pissed you off, you post in your facebook (for example) status "Miss X, please take care of your own ass before bumping into mine". Or worse "Someone just don't know how to behave. Why not you put your nose somewhere between your legs before sniffing my pussy?"

And why not something more direct "Mr. Dark Snow, you are an asshole. Keep your fucking mouth shut and start getting some life!"

(note:the above ".." are merely creations)

And guess what, there goes anything that might be salvageable.

Now you might say "oh please, i don't want anything to do with that bitch". But hey, do you know how many people are reading your "status"? It's not mafia wars (an app in facebook) where you go on war with someone and it ends there. There are some serious repercussions of what you are doing!

When things go into open, that will be a free for all. You will lose more than gaining anything at all. Going about in facebook is just like in real life. You must have restraint. Stay your tongue, just like you should in the office. And of course, stay your hand.

What will be lost when going into war like this? In real life, you will get sacked, losing more than one friend, lose some connections, losing opportunity, getting a reputation you might not want, and host others.
(image from

The same goes to facebook. you bitch about someone who pissed you off, you will get something like above.

But the worst is, you might be angry with a close friend, spill it out on facebook, then getting an effect you never wanted. You might still wanna be friend with him, but because of the facebook effect, the friendship is gone.

The bottomline is, what ever logic that apply in real life, they apply in facebook. Be responsible of what you are sharing. A little picture might screw a marriage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Woman Who Loves Sex is Ten Times Better Than a Hot Beautiful Woman Who Doesn't

Let me just add, an ordinary looking woman who loves sex is at the very least ten times better than a hot woman who doesn't.

Simple reason - we men loves sex, or maybe only man like me do!

What's the point of an absolutely hot lady when you can only fuck a few times a month? Or less?

No, i am not fond of a trophy to show off.

And men need sex to feel love. Without sex, we felt unloved.

Don't use the women logic on this (women have sex when they felt love, complete opposite, and even that, some are not so interested), but accept that there are differences between the gender.

For me, you can look ordinary but as long as you love sex and provides good one (together with good attitude), then you are on as the candidate for the best life partner.

(picture from

Now, doesn't the above picture feels absolutely good?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blowjob That I Would Like

Note : This as written on borrowed time, so hope it is worthwhile.

First of all, oral sex is illegal in some jurisdiction, so i would just start by saying nothing in this post is to be construed that i had or planning to get a blowjob. It must not be construed that i am promoting one too!

Now back to the post. I have never given a blowjob to be honest, so i do not know the in and out of it. But as someone who got something to be blown, i would like these;

1) Lick around the base of the dick.

Most girls (and boys) would go straight to the dick head. Wrong way. Guys like to have all of it getting attention too, and its certainly building up all the sexual gratification by slowly proceed, starting from the most unsensitive place (of the most sensitive organ).

2) Lick and Suck the Balls too!

Now even if the balls are not as sensitive as the dick, it does not mean that the ball is to be neglected. In fact, it is part of the sexual organ and licking it is greatly arousing. Putting the whoile piece into the mouth (if the mouth is big enough) and licking it inside would be fantastic, though you would need a mouth as big as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. Or maybe not if the balls aren't too big.

Now who say big mouth is ugly? My balls would say that.

3) Lick the whole shaft first

The girls and boys would normally straight away engulf the dick head. Wrong wrong wrong.

Lick the shaft, the whole thing first. Lick like it is a long ice cream. Make sure not even a millimeter is missed.

4) Suck the dick too!

When engulfing the dick, many like to go up and down, simulating a vagina. While this is good, what is the difference between the mouth and vagina then (except one is mouth and another is vagina)?

I would myself like to be sucked. Deep. Not too long or any guy will spill. So time your sucking to make sure he does not ruin your own orgasm by cumming too early.

A series of short sucks would be fantastic.

5) Massage the balls at all time

Again, the balls. Many girls and boys like to hold the base of the dick to prevent thrusting which is correct if the dude just cannot help it. But for those guys who can hold still, hold and massage the balls instead. That is supremely gratifying and arousing to have the dick sucked and the balls massaged at the same time.

6) Biting

No, don't bite his thing off. Just a few small bite, here and there, in between licking and sucking would be great.

7) Varieties, babe

For those who say the guy can never differentiate when his dick is on fire, you are sorely wrong. This is where the difference of a great sex partner and a lousy one comes in. There must be varities. Human are not robots. Even if you got no creative idea, just do the above items in random succession and the guy will remember you for the rest of his life. If you give a fantastic sex afterward, maybe everytime he thinks of you, he will wet his underwear.....

8) Deepthroat

I have not tried this before so i do not know does it feels, so no comment here..

9) Hot and cold treatment

I heard this is great, but that may be asking too much of the giver. If you are feeling generous, just do it and let him got another thing to remember!

The "treatment" goes like this. Drink cold water, blow him a few times, drink warm water, blow another few times, drink cold water, blow, warm water, blow, cold catch the drift.

Yeah, those will be the ones that i would like to have.

Is there anymore brilliant ways that all can try?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moral Values Story of the Day

Once upon a time, there lives a man. One day while he was stroling beside a waterfall, he saw a beautiful girl bathing in the river. And so, he did what every man will do, peep.

What a fucking luck, he even saw that the clothes are hanging on the side of the river. Wasting no time, he rush over, and did what every man wished he had the guts to do that - grab those clothes.

The beautiful girl, upon seeing him stealing, swim to the side of the river. Apparently, this is no girl but a beautiful lady!

The lady said, "Hey you dirty crook, give me back my clothes!"

"Nay, there is no need for bad words, you fucking bitch, i am going to keep these as souvenirs."

Panic, she said,"Ok, if you give me back my clothes, i will grant you a wish."

Couldn't believe his luck, he replied what every man would reply,"My wish is to fuck your brain out"

"No you can't for i am an angel, and an angel is unfuckable," and she rose, to first show her full and heavy bosom, the to the awe of the man, the awesome wings, like those of an oversize chicken.

"Ahh, so you are an chicken angel...i see.."

Upon pondering, he finally said,"Ya know, i always wanted to be rich"

The chicken angel said"Deal, everything you touch will turn into gold."


And so, this man now has the touch of gold, let us call him the man with the golden finger.

Mr. Golden Finger was actually already well to do, but he wanted to be as rich as the Gates. Now, laughing to himself, he can finally do!

"Fuck those Windows, now i can have gold windows!" And so, he touched his house window, and they turn gold!

"Nothing beats this touch, not even the constantly annoying Vista and the fucking yet to be born 7. No, with this, i don't need a computer!" and he touched his newly bought, constantly crashing laptop, and walau! it turned into gold!

"Shit! All my fucking uncensored japanese porns are gone liao!!! Damn! Damn! Damn! Stupid Dell, why turn into gold so easily?"

After a whole day of turning his house gold, he finally got hungry. And so, he grab some bread, but it turned gold! He took some water, but the moment it touched his lips, they turn solid gold as well!

"Shit, how am i supposed to eat? Got money also no life to spend!"

At this moment of time, his daugther came home.

"Daddy, what happen to our house?"

"Ahh, my good daughter, wasn't this great?" he went to greet his daughter. But he forgot something. And, as you know, the daugther now turned gold!

At this moment of time, the chicken angel arrived, and to cut the story short, he lost his golden touch (and everything that had turned gold back to normal) and got back his daugther, and all his porns.

the end.

Moral of the story;

1) Don't bath in the waterfall, or your clothes will be stolen
2) Always walk near waterfall to see pretty girls bathing
3) Don't wear clothes to waterfall to avoid being stolen
4) Be a man, so that we can steal clothes
5) Don't save porn in laptop, or they will be gone
6) Practice to eat gold
7) Don't have a daugther
8) Don't be jealous of bill gates

Anymore that i missed?

*note - sorry that i did not update lately, got so fucking busy..