Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woman Wacking Man's Private Part in Public

There are a few things i wanted to write about, but this, i think, should go first.

I remember reading about the news piece a few days ago, and dismissing it as another weird human behaviour.

But then again, this will make for a great (almost) sexological discussion.

'Nuff said, let's see what's the real stuff.

A woman whacking a man's private part in the public?

Are they into BDSM or something?

Whatever it is, now the plate number can be seen all over the world. The girl and the guy's face, though unclear, can be basically made out, if with the car.

And worse, all of their friends now knew of this, whoever the car belongs to.

Bow, there is nothing wrong to be into BDSM. There is nothing wrong for the girl to be the dominant one in the relationship.

There is absolutely noting wrong with liking to whack private parts.

But this is very wrong - losing it in the public.

Whatever had happened, arguing, quarelling in the public is always bad. Making yourself look very very bad.

And the worse is scolding your partner. How is he or she going to face the public?

But nothing beats this. Hitting private part with high heels, grabbing, and squeezing it, hitting his face with heels again, and being recorded and uploaded to YouTube for all to see is the height of impropriety. Life can never be the same again for both of them. They are both screwed.

The rule of thumb in a relationship always remain this - never let it out in the public. You can quarrel, argue, scold, throw things, even hitting private parts if that is the way you work it out in your relationship. But do it in the comfort of your home. Where you can both let it out. There is no need for all to see, and no need to show prowess. If the relationship is between two (or more) persons, let it be that way, whatever happens.


Anyway out?

Why not the couple just claim that it was a hoax and just to test YouTube's following in Singapore?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revenge of the Geeks Continues With "I Love You, Beth Cooper"

Recently, my girl and i watched the movie "I Love You, Beth Cooper" which had Heroes' cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere as the lead girl.

Oh yea, its another teen movie.

Funny, many sex innuendo, the usual stuffs.
And no, i am not talking about the movie today.

What struck me was, lately, in this ten years or so, we had what i should call the revenge of the geeks.

In just so many movies, in the end of the day, the hot chick will ditch the absolutely hot hunk (who happens to be the biggest jerk in the movie) and go for the geek who secretly admires the girl for years without the girl knowing it.

Talking about it reminds me of Spiderman, with Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Transformer, with the guy whom i totally forgot the name and the smoking hot Megan Fox, whose character name i forgot too, and scoreless others.

Err, that is not to say hunks and hot chicks stories had no market. Just look at vampire Edward Cullen and High School Musical.

But it had became fashionable that a geek will eventually, finally, got his girl after the girl realise what a loser the hunk is, and the geek got his reward for his preserverance. A sizzling hot reward at that.

In a way, these movies might not be far away from reality. Bad boys do have an abundance of sex appeal but after a while, and getting old, the appeal do wane and these girls might wanna settle for a nice guy who had a peaceful, settled life, not to mention a steady paycheck.

And, oh yeah, many people ended up working for geeks too. The richest men in the world are mostly geeks. Go figure.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Measuring Bra Size

Yesterday, my girl and i went to shop for some bras. The silly girl seems to have her bra size wrong all the while!

To say the truth, most of the female in the world got one of their most important garment in th e wrong size, in the process slowly damaging the most lovely body part the God had created.

Once and for all, let DS try to make out what he understands.

1) measure the underbust line, i.e. the ribcage just below the boobs

2) measure the bust line, i.e. the full breast, normally over the nipple. oh yea, don't pull or compress them. some do say we should wear a non-padded bra or hold the boobies slightly to get the measurement.

3) Bra band size = underbust + 4 (if even number), + 5 (if odd number)

4) Cup size = bust - underbust, where 1 inches would be A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D, 5 inches = DD cup so on and so forth.

For example, when the under bust is 29 inches, the bra band size would be 34. If the bust line is 33, then the cup would be 33 - 29 = 4 inches. This brilliant lady should wear a 34D bra.

Another exmaple would be reverse calculation. The brilliant, absolutely sexy, fantastic female sex blogger June Loi is having a 36C breast. In this regard, we can say she had a 32 inches underbust, and 35 inches bust, giving a band line of 36 (32 +4) and a C cup (35 - 32 = 3). Hope i got that right, June.

Of course, somethime, you can alternate between cup and band size for your bra. For example, a
34C breast can wear a 32D bra, and vice versa. But from what i see, wearing the size as calculated above make the boobies look much better than the alternate bra size. My girl had a 32D and wearing a 32D is much nicer and sexier than wearing a 34C, not to mention it fits her better and gives better support.

There are also some differences on the size of the cup and bra for different manufacrturer, so be sure to test them.

But the rule of thumb is always to test them first. Get a few sizes, having the range around the calculation as above. Get the most comfortable one, not the one that make you feel tight somewhere or loose somewhere.

Do i get the way right? If i do wrong, please enlighthen me how to properly calculate it. Thank you.

***Update 25/8.2009***

there is some mistake here..i think for this region at least, the band size need not to add 4 inches...and asian bras are measure in cm..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bully Moving Towards Sexual Slant?

We all remembers the day when we were very young, of the bullies, and victims getting bullied, in the school. Normally just a little teasing and slight physical jokes that are harmless.

There are some bullies though who forgot where is the line, driving the victims crazy and in some cases, killed themselves, the bullies get busted, some got sent away into correctional school.

But lately, there are so many bullying that has a sexual slant towards it. The latest i have read of is from Malaysia, and this is the original news, on theStar.

What happen was the bully, a Year One (seven years old) student, was not satisfied with the 50 cents he got from the victim, slashed the victim's testicle instead. The poor victim got a 3cm wound.

So the moral of the story is, give your son more than 50 cents to school.

Or send your son to a girl school.

Or just don't get a son.

Ok, joke aside, this is a serious matter. Putting sex into bullying, in this case, s/m in the form of ball torture, surely is bad. Imagine your son, or your brother or any male that you know going to school exposed to this.

Girl are not having an easier time either. There was this video said to be a bullying scene from Hong Kong (see here). The victim said to be trying to date the bully's boyfriend, and got kicked, stripped and recorded down and sent to the whole wide world to see.

Now what had happen to the school? Are the kids getting extreme sex education from the school or trying to apply porn into real life?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Is Hard To Be The Most Beautiful Politician in the World

A beautiful, or a handsome politician is not hard to find, afterall many ex-entertainers are jumping into the fray to govern people's live.

But to become the world most beautiful politician must be sight to behold, something to be shout of.

But alas, for Yuri Fujikawa, becoming the most beautiful politician
in the world for the year 2009 turns out to be a bane, with added scrutiny, culminating in a scandal involving her and another married politician. Wonder if this father of two is dead drop gorgeous too.

It broke out when she was seen entering the same hotel as the other guy, and leaving the next day. The thing is, the hotel is only ten minutes away from her house.

But hey, aren't the people who made much noise to nosy? What's her private affair gotta do with you?

As long as she is performing, there should not be other consideration. Morality attack is certainly ugly.

in campaign trail

This however, is not the first time she made news. In 2008, she made a video and pictorial to publicize her constituency as tourist attraction, even appearing in swimwear in those. Costing 4000 yen when first came out, it created much a stir.

said to be screenshot of the video, not known if true

Sex sells and this video surely shows that. Many gravure model in Japan released such album, but for a politician to do the same, it is surprising.

But then again, maybe this works well as she is still in the legislative council.

Hopefully, she will be able to ride this storm out. It is too bad that a politician loses her place because of some self appointed morality moron.

And no doubt, Japan politics will lose much color if she is gone. Hey, every country needs something to bring youngsters attention to it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shaving GF Pussy

Many like to have a shaven pussy, men or women alike.

So do i.

And this time, i myself did the job, to shave my girl's pussy.

You see, many girls have theirs shaven/trimmed in some beauty centre, but come on, where the fun?

the fun is, you get to do the job on your girl's pussy.

The result? A not so nicely done job, but generally ok. The hair is gone and i can kiss the pussy straight to the skin. Easier for oral sex too! Definitely better than hairy ones.

But the bad thing is, pubic hair, just like those on armpit and moustache, tend to grow very fast after being shaven, causing itchiness by the time a few hour had passed.

Will i do it again? Of course! why give the money to someone else when you can have the fun?

*note : be very careful if you shave it yourself as that part is generally sensitive.