Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Woman Who Loves Sex is Ten Times Better Than a Hot Beautiful Woman Who Doesn't

Let me just add, an ordinary looking woman who loves sex is at the very least ten times better than a hot woman who doesn't.

Simple reason - we men loves sex, or maybe only man like me do!

What's the point of an absolutely hot lady when you can only fuck a few times a month? Or less?

No, i am not fond of a trophy to show off.

And men need sex to feel love. Without sex, we felt unloved.

Don't use the women logic on this (women have sex when they felt love, complete opposite, and even that, some are not so interested), but accept that there are differences between the gender.

For me, you can look ordinary but as long as you love sex and provides good one (together with good attitude), then you are on as the candidate for the best life partner.

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Now, doesn't the above picture feels absolutely good?


  1. DS; if next time yr wife dun like sex how?


  2. I'm sure my husband would agree with you; of course women feel unloved/unwanted if they're physically rejected by their mates too!

  3. june - that's why must try first ^^

    WGB - haha guess men are mostly the same..