Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is Nothing Wrong with Fetishes, Malaysia

Note : I wrote this post for last wednesday, but pulling it over and wrote another one on earthquake and tsunami on Samoa and Indonesia. And now, here it is...

Second post about Malaysia in a row, TheStar reported that a Terengganu State Exco (something like a minister at state level in the Federation of Malaysia) call upon a man who had some fetishes to get psychiatric help.

Apparently, this is because this guy likes to put in some objects into his wife private parts as part of their sex life.

Only that the wife are not so keen on it. Wait, that is an understatement. The wife lodged a police report over it.

So this state level minister said that bloke should get some help with his brain to treat his "sexual disorder" before he "targets innocents".

P-p-please-lar.....what so bad about fetish?

Granted, he should not force his wife to do it.

Granted, any sexual act, including one of fetish, should be consensual.

And this guy ABSOLUTELY is at fault for forcing her wife to do it (if the wife is to be believed).

But hey, there is no need for psychiatric help, no?

Having fetish is just like having some preference over some sexual position. Some like it doggie. Some like it cowgirl aka woman on top.

For fetishes, some like to lick toes, some take extreme liking to breast (like me), some like sexy lingerie, some like leather wear, and some, well, like to put something into pussy.

And some may like bondage and SM.

And who can be so noble to claim that all these are wrong?

Should we only have missionary style sex with the consent of God (maybe asking the priest or imam or monk first before fucking)?

No, just like this is a sexological blog, no one should be telling another what they should or should not do behind closed doors.

And what's about that accusation about this pussy-stuffing-loving-guy will target innocents? Why accuse him of a despicable act?

Just because the wife does not like it doesn't change him into a predator. There might be other women who like it and there can be consensual sex, with some fetishes.

Wake up, Malaysia, wake up, World.


  1. Dark Snow

    I agree with you, sex cant force the other party to do what they dun like, is just like some guy ask me for 3somes i tell them i still prefer 1 to 1. More concentrate.
    Like my blog, i know that some guy also dun like me and write something bad about me, but i dun care, if he dun like my blog, just can dun see my blog.
    Blogger also got their own way to do thing ma, rite.

    Hope u can post more

  2. Hey,

    I like your perspective on things. I think this is what we are beginning to see across the world. A Nanny culture by state is becoming a popular choice for politicians who wants to believe that it is their duty to decide on behalf of all the people.

    Keep these coming. As per what you've said on my blog, I think we are going to take the next step in our relationship. It's very natural and we both love each other so much. Thank you once again for your encouragement and comments.


  3. If what people prefer as sexual fantasies, for what ever turns them on and it doesn't hurt anybody else then we/they should be left alone to do whatever it is they wanna do. Live and let live... my other theory is if you haven't tried, don't knock it until you have, whatever rows ya boat..

  4. june,

    if with you, i can't see why a man wanted hands will be full of your hot bods and anymore woman will go to waste, and i certainly don't want to share with another guy!!

    forget about those haters, we all have our own way of happiness. screw those moral guardians!!

    Mr passion,

    those politicians tot they are scoring more points to be a nanny, but really, when their own scandal is out, hehehe...

    so hows the relationship going?


    exactly, it always puzzle me why people like to judge..maybe they are jealous they can't get a chance to try, so they prevent others from trying...