Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men's Feeling

Women tends to just bitch their heart out, while men just bottle them up.

Bad for heart, will get too stressed, then heart attack, those guys i mean.

Even in a relationship, DarkSnow will also just keep quiet, perhaps hoping that it will go away that way, or perhaps just doesn't want to talk about it.

But even DS does not know why, nor he knows how. DS sometimes wanted to cry, just why can't she understand? Just why can't she just treat me nice? Just why can't she just keep her temper? Just why can't she just be a good girl and not throwing tantrum at every moment, right and wrong?

Gals will defend gals and guys will defend guys but this is not the kind of reasoning i want. The kind that just normally thrown out across gender lines.

DS wanted something that cut across gender line, to give an unbias appreciation as to why, these two types of homo sapiens, are so different that as they became more sophisticated, the differene became more pronounce and we just thought, well, maybe its best that we just keep at arms length, but at the same time, wanted to get closer.

i am very sad and confuse now. i just got my brain screwed.


  1. oh, what happened.. Sometimes it's better to speak up than to take it in silence. She may not realise what she's doing. Also, a bit of rife may make things clearer or better in the long run. If life is so perfect, there will be nothing to learn from.
    Smile, DS. You'll pull through (:

  2. i also dunno why...gotta learn how to say it...

    even open mouth also so hard....

    anyway i think its alright now, thanks..