Monday, September 28, 2009

Principled and Gorgeous Felixia Quits Miss Malaysia

Across the causeway Singapore had made news with the many storms-in-a-teacup-turned-scandals in their beauty pageants but over in Malaysia, they had another bombshell on their own.

And this is what she announced over her personal Facebook account:

" officially withdrew herself from the Miss World Malaysia 09 due to some of its Terms And Conditions' issues which cannot be amended and thus, unacceptable for her and her current career...thank you all for your support, faith and for believing in her. Sorry for letting you all down...

Err, apparently because the T&C will screw her earnings.

Now that is one principled lady we got there. Screw the pageants. Be yourself. Why limit yourself by those self appointed moral guardians? Who are the pageants organizer to decide what a girl can and cannot do?

That is totally unacceptable, just like how many bloggers blast the two Miss Singapore for seemingly unrelated matters (to their titles).

And to Miss Felixia, you did the right thing.

And someone who likes sexy lingerie, high heeled boots and is a former kindergarten teacher cannot be wrong (ok, this is beside the point, but hey, this is one smart, principled, hot chick we got here!!).

And no surprise, i am officially a fan through her Facebook fan page.

So no prize for guessing where the above photos came from =p

Note : this will not be my last of pageants says......


  1. Thank you for writing about me. =) thank you for the continuous support, for having faith in me always and for believing in my passion.


  2. GO Felixia ~ u did the right thing ~!

  3. felixia - thanks for coming by and linking my blog to your fan page!!!

    will always support you!!!

    cyberprinx - damn right she did the right thing

  4. very natural and alluring. Above all, very open-minded and daring...goodluck!