Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woman Wacking Man's Private Part in Public

There are a few things i wanted to write about, but this, i think, should go first.

I remember reading about the news piece a few days ago, and dismissing it as another weird human behaviour.

But then again, this will make for a great (almost) sexological discussion.

'Nuff said, let's see what's the real stuff.

A woman whacking a man's private part in the public?

Are they into BDSM or something?

Whatever it is, now the plate number can be seen all over the world. The girl and the guy's face, though unclear, can be basically made out, if with the car.

And worse, all of their friends now knew of this, whoever the car belongs to.

Bow, there is nothing wrong to be into BDSM. There is nothing wrong for the girl to be the dominant one in the relationship.

There is absolutely noting wrong with liking to whack private parts.

But this is very wrong - losing it in the public.

Whatever had happened, arguing, quarelling in the public is always bad. Making yourself look very very bad.

And the worse is scolding your partner. How is he or she going to face the public?

But nothing beats this. Hitting private part with high heels, grabbing, and squeezing it, hitting his face with heels again, and being recorded and uploaded to YouTube for all to see is the height of impropriety. Life can never be the same again for both of them. They are both screwed.

The rule of thumb in a relationship always remain this - never let it out in the public. You can quarrel, argue, scold, throw things, even hitting private parts if that is the way you work it out in your relationship. But do it in the comfort of your home. Where you can both let it out. There is no need for all to see, and no need to show prowess. If the relationship is between two (or more) persons, let it be that way, whatever happens.


Anyway out?

Why not the couple just claim that it was a hoax and just to test YouTube's following in Singapore?

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