Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods and The "He-fucked-me" Money Diggers

Hey i am back!! Well, not really, just managed to get some connection somewhere.

Since everyone is talking Tiger Woods and his 11 birdies (and counting), please excuse me for adding a bit of say.

So now 11 ladies had claimed Tiger, or to have bedded Tiger, with one tale more outrageous than another.

It reminds me when some other celebrities who were also caught with their pants (or skirts) down (or even when they are innocent), more and more people came out claiming they had also fucked him or her, and claimed, in the process some millions bucks for the "exclusive" interview and books to provide some juicy tales and a few sexy photo shot.

No difference, just this time, there are more. Well, maybe more found out that this is the easiest way to have a bit of glory and money.

I daresay this is the safest too. Not that Tiger will turn to his wife, whom he must be so painstakingly convinced of their future together, and say, "Darling, i think i have not fuck this lady before. Anyway, i don't thin she can prove it too. Shall we sue her for defamation?"

No, Tiger, or any other person for this matter, would wanted a closure for this matter. And the best way is to ignore them and hide.

I do not personally know if any of the ladies were not Tiger's birdie (maybe they were eagle, or hole-in-one), but this possibilities is not to be excluded.

But whatever, now that Tiger and his wife. Elin had agreed to work things out together, i think the media should stop hounding them. And the ladies, whether true or not, should quit it too.

Afterall, you don't need to tell everyone of your sexual conquest. Tiger needs a break. He is human too. Afterall, you both had your fun. You were not injured by the incident. So stop rubbing salt to their marital wound.
Unless of course, you need the millions to feed yourself.

But if you do, get a real job.

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