Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moral Values Story of the Day

Once upon a time, there lives a man. One day while he was stroling beside a waterfall, he saw a beautiful girl bathing in the river. And so, he did what every man will do, peep.

What a fucking luck, he even saw that the clothes are hanging on the side of the river. Wasting no time, he rush over, and did what every man wished he had the guts to do that - grab those clothes.

The beautiful girl, upon seeing him stealing, swim to the side of the river. Apparently, this is no girl but a beautiful lady!

The lady said, "Hey you dirty crook, give me back my clothes!"

"Nay, there is no need for bad words, you fucking bitch, i am going to keep these as souvenirs."

Panic, she said,"Ok, if you give me back my clothes, i will grant you a wish."

Couldn't believe his luck, he replied what every man would reply,"My wish is to fuck your brain out"

"No you can't for i am an angel, and an angel is unfuckable," and she rose, to first show her full and heavy bosom, the to the awe of the man, the awesome wings, like those of an oversize chicken.

"Ahh, so you are an chicken angel...i see.."

Upon pondering, he finally said,"Ya know, i always wanted to be rich"

The chicken angel said"Deal, everything you touch will turn into gold."


And so, this man now has the touch of gold, let us call him the man with the golden finger.

Mr. Golden Finger was actually already well to do, but he wanted to be as rich as the Gates. Now, laughing to himself, he can finally do!

"Fuck those Windows, now i can have gold windows!" And so, he touched his house window, and they turn gold!

"Nothing beats this touch, not even the constantly annoying Vista and the fucking yet to be born 7. No, with this, i don't need a computer!" and he touched his newly bought, constantly crashing laptop, and walau! it turned into gold!

"Shit! All my fucking uncensored japanese porns are gone liao!!! Damn! Damn! Damn! Stupid Dell, why turn into gold so easily?"

After a whole day of turning his house gold, he finally got hungry. And so, he grab some bread, but it turned gold! He took some water, but the moment it touched his lips, they turn solid gold as well!

"Shit, how am i supposed to eat? Got money also no life to spend!"

At this moment of time, his daugther came home.

"Daddy, what happen to our house?"

"Ahh, my good daughter, wasn't this great?" he went to greet his daughter. But he forgot something. And, as you know, the daugther now turned gold!

At this moment of time, the chicken angel arrived, and to cut the story short, he lost his golden touch (and everything that had turned gold back to normal) and got back his daugther, and all his porns.

the end.

Moral of the story;

1) Don't bath in the waterfall, or your clothes will be stolen
2) Always walk near waterfall to see pretty girls bathing
3) Don't wear clothes to waterfall to avoid being stolen
4) Be a man, so that we can steal clothes
5) Don't save porn in laptop, or they will be gone
6) Practice to eat gold
7) Don't have a daugther
8) Don't be jealous of bill gates

Anymore that i missed?

*note - sorry that i did not update lately, got so fucking busy..

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