Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Finger Your Girl

Having sex, making love, whatever you call it, is about giving pleasure to the other party.

And here is another part of "how to" to give more pleasure to a girl, and its called "fingering".

Fingering normally refers to touching the pussy of a girl to give her pleasure. The movement normally involves using the fingers to stroke certain parts, and hence the name fingering.

So how to do it right?

From personal experience, the best way to approach a girl sexually applies to all her body part - slowly and gradually.

Pet her mound gentle and lovingly, and slowly move your fingers down to her labia. Yes, not the clit.

Then, pet the surrounding areas gently and slowly. You can trace her outline with your finger.

Never touch the clit, to add the excitement when you finally do.

Then, move your finger circling her clit, and finally stroke her clit in circular motion. This motion seems to be the most pleasurable ones. Wet the clit with her vagina fluid to add sensitivity.

Enjoy the moans.

And next, the g-spot.

Slowly slide down from her clit until you finds the opening of her vagina. slowly slide in you finger and use the "come here" style to find her g-spot. It is normally situated on the top wall of her vagina and its not deep. Very near to the opening in fact.

The texture of g-spot can be easily contracted with the rest of the vagina wall. The rest of it should be smooth but the g-spot is rougher.

Stroke the g-spot in the "come here" style, gently of course.

but every woman is different. While the above can be said as generally applicable, your girl's needs may be different. For example, she may like it rough and need not foreplay like this. In any case, look for her reaction and open your mouth, to ask her.

Treat your ladies right and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

House Visits

Going into someone's house, catching a glimpse at their personal life, may prove to be a gratifying experience.

Yea, you can imagine/wonder how their sex life is too.

Going into someone's house got me wondering, how is their life?

Do they wake up in the morning, rush and jam to work, wait for lunch, then wait for 5pm, then jam all the way back home to a waiting lonely house longing to speak?

Then have a shower, slouch on a couch watching TV? Or blogging? Or facebooking?

Will the wife start nagging on how lazy the husband is, how naughty the children are and gossip on how much the husband of the madam next door earns?

Will the husband purposely come back late to escape all the naggings and have a few beers and a football match?

Will the sex then turn dry?

Or will the couple gone back lovingly, have a bath together and fuck themselves crazy?

Or when the children are asleep, the mom and pop then chasing back the romance lost due to family life?

Ahhh...there is so much to wonder on a house visit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sex As Bargaining Tool

Many people do use sex as bargaining tool, knowingly and unknowingly. And women seems to be the greatest offender, as men seems to be unable to live without sex.

Examples of sex as bargaining tool are such as sex in exchange of some present, sex in exchange for the man to do something, sex in exchange for the man to not to do something and many more.

It also include "do it and you get great sex. don't do it, you get a dead log'.

Personally i despise these sex manipulators. Are you prostitute or something? Sex should be something natural and enjoyable for the partners, not as a currency to exchange goods or services.

If the other party still have to sort of "pay" for the sex, why not he/she just go for professional services, which in all case gives better sex?

And a relationship where sex is used as bargaining tool will not last. It causes frustration to the one being used. Why get upset over something so basic? Just get a new one would be easier.

If the manipulator would like to lower him/herself to the level of a prostitute, then you will be one - totally dispensable when you are out of favor.

There is always someone better.

Get rid of your manipulating man/woman.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Sex, Bad Sex

What is a good sex?

i think the only logical definition of it is when you and your partner are into the session and both of you fuck each other's brain out.

Bad sex?

When one party is interested while the other just going through the motion.

Very bad sex?

When both parties just going through the motion.

I would rather not have sex if it is not good. No point.

Shit, why do you have sex if you are just going through the motion?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tit Torture : An Introduction

For the uninitiated, tit torture is was its name denote, torture the tit.

Now, before anyone crying "sick psyco", let me just say that some people, yes, some people, got sexual gratification from delivering pain and receiving pain to their breast. Yes, this apparently sick people, who might not be so sick after all, enjoy being hurt on their breast and some enjoyed hurting some other people's breast.

How to do it?

There are many methods to torture a tit. Each and every method merits an article on its own (if were to really talk about it) so i would just list them out.

For the "light" ones, there can be biting, pinching, twisting (the nipple) and these are what couples normally do, and yes, those are tit torture, i think. Do the ladies enjoy the pain? Yes they do if you do it right.

For heavier ones, there are bondage (binding the breast, using tape, ropes etc), flagging/spanking (using hand, cane etc), clamping (using clothespins, nipple clamp) are the usual methods. Now, these are something that might cause permanent damage and i am in no way endorsing any of them. Just for sexual knowledge, you know.

And those really heavy ones would be electric shock (on the breast, normally the nipple), piercing, suspension (suspend the body by the breast), chemical play, abrasion (using sandpaper etc), plants and animal play (like using a beetle to sting the nipple). These are all crazy stuff and not for the faint hearted. I would say these are for the professionals who knew how to handle it and not for normal human who seek usual sexual gratification. If you need some diversions from the normal sex, don't do these.

Why People Do It?

Now, for those who are first timer in this term, after just reading the methods, they would ask again, why the hell anyone would want to do that?

The simple answer would be, some enjoy the hurt and some enjoy hurting. Supply and demand, dude.

And i think, at least for the heavier ones, they are normally not used in real life. Normally only porn has it that the breast are ravaged that way, and get this, porn is never real, though you can obviously see the injuries, nothing good that you should put on your missus.

Don't Try This At Home

There is nothing wrong if you wanna bite your missus breast, or if you want your man to bite your breast. By all means, go for it. Afterall, it may prove enjoyable for both of you.

But while you are graduating from the normal pinching to clothespins, just bear in mind that the breast ultimately hung on the missus chest. It will still hang there after all the beatings you put to it. So don't let the excitement carry you away. Love the ladies, treasure their bodies.

And as a personal advice, don't do the heavy stuff at home. Unless you are already an expert in it.


Some people might like the idea of tit torture without really carrying out. It is normal. Fantasy and reality don't always mix though it would be great if they do.

You might like to watch tit torture porn, but when it comes to real life, just remember that the breast still hung on the ladies chest.

If you really need one, try get professional service, but then again, you must bear in mind the consequences. The law on this matter differs by jurisdiction and surely you don't wanna run afoul the law.

Till then, stay tune for more sexual discussions, and som advanced articles on tit torture.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manohara Got Sexual Torture by Kelantanese Prince

The Indonesian model made a big news in Indonesia, claiming sexual torture.

Got this from amethyst news flash;

You will not get this news in Malaysia, at least until other nations reported it.

But here you have it.

AsiaOne, quoting AFP reported that medical report shows that Manohara had multiple slash wounds on her body especially her chest, some which are fresh.

It seems the Kelantanese Prince had a thing for her breast.

Manohara also had injection mark on her back. (More here).

No, darksnow is not interested with all the political crap.

If you realise one thing, it seems the bloke had a thing for cutting his wife's breast.

And that, my friend, is called tit torture, or breast punishment.

I will write more in this later.

So please stay tune for the next breast play!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sex, For Man, Might be Nearing Spiritual in Nature

Many ladies asked, why the hell all men can think of is sex?

In a relationship, all they wanted is sex, isn't it true?

Hmm...i think both the questions can be answered in negative.

Obviously, they have to think of what to eat and what to wear.

And in a relationship, they wanted love, not purely sex.

Disagree? Try this.

John Gray (the writer of the Men from Mars Women from Venus) opined that the reason why both sex cannot understand each other's behavior to sex as to the fundamental difference in how sex figures in their brain.

For a woman, they had sex because they love. In other words, they have sex to celebrate the love. Love come first before sex.

For man meanwhile, they had sex to love. In other words, to be able to love, they must have sex, hence sex come first before sex.

Now, i must say that i cannot agree fully on Gray's analysis. And i do not profess knowing a woman inside out so maybe i should just say on a man's point of view.

To say that sex come first before love, it might come to suggest that to get a guy to love you, you should spread your leg wide.

Not true.

If you were to offer sex to me, all you get is sex in return (if i judge you attractive enough). No love.

The better way to say it would be attraction come first for a guy, for him to fall in love.

In this regard, i concede that physical attraction normally did the decision for a guy, pathetic but true.

If you are pretty and had a great bods, chances are, guys swarm around you, but the opposite can be said for a girl too, though she might also add in how much money the guy have besides the good look and the gentleman charm.

But as with both sex, for long lasting relationship, attitude plays the biggest role, but that is not the topic of discussion in this blog post.

So what does sex means for a guy?

I would just modify what Gray said.

It is a "tool" for a guy to love.

No, not the screwdriver type of tool, but rather in a very spiritual way. He needs to make love with his loved one to "connect" with her, to be "one" with her.

Many guys didn't even know of this but i think it is true. It is not lust per se, or when the girl is old, the guy will chuck her aside for a younger one.

Yes it happens but that is when no true love existed in the first place.

If there is true love, even the fatty tummy is a great turn on.

Yeah, ask me, coz i knew about that.

And no, its not fetish.

But rather, a guy need to connect with his girl, to be able to love him. The inability to connect with her sexually will cause frustration that will turn the guy into a grumpy guy like a smoker without his cigarette.

Addiction to sex? Maybe, but only to the girl he loves.

Even if he make love with another girl, it will not give him the same "connection", and in extension, satisfaction.

Hence, sex, for a man, is very near to spiritual level. It is something that got to do with how the brain waves functions, and without, the wave (for love) will be starved and die a natural, agonizing, death.

So girls, the next time you make love with your man, try to look at it from another angle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to Play With Breast

For a start, maybe in the first post i should share about some "how to"s.

And the first would be "breast".

Breast is something that sex cannot go without. It is a huge stimuli for the ladies and a great attraction for the gentlemen.

And i can gladly admit i am a breast person.

No, i do not have breast, thank you.

I mean i love breast, in all shape and size, even the sagging ones.

Ok, i know, i should go straight to the point.

How should we play with the breast, to please our ladies?

1) From my personal experience, there is one sure fire way.

If you are kissing her, slowly move your kisses down from her lips to her neck, then to her chest.

Circle one of her breast, but never ever touch the nipple, from the beginning till now.

Move you circle of kisses nearer to the nipple, giving

an occasional suck or bite on the meat.

When it is dangerously near to the breast, in one swift movement enclose the whole nipple (and aureole) in your mouth and suck deep.

If she had not press your head to her breast by now, there must be something wrong.

Do the same for the other breast, but this time, do play with the "sucked" breast with your hand.

2) If you are looking at something else, maybe more kinky, this might do for you.

Put some honey around the breast, especially the nipples, then lick and suck them cleans. The best is when the honey is chilled. Look at how the nipple harden when you drip honey on it (that is a bonus!).

When her breast and nipple are "chilled" by the honey, the effect of your warm tongue and mouth over them is incredible to their breast, especially the nipple.

Similarly, the honey can be replaced by other foods, or even ice, but i personally like honey. That is a great honey flavored milk, people.

3) For BDSM fans

Err....i will do this later for later post.

4) With your hand

Massage the breast slowly and gently to get them in the mood. If you had done no. 1, then now is the time to tweek the nipples gently and maybe a slight pull, but nothing rough. The nipple is more sensitive than your dickhead and balls, and tolerance to pain as well as arousal by pain differs from ladies.

Once both of you are highly arouse, you may proceed to the man-most-liked way that is to slowly squeeze them hard.

again, not too hard, look at her reaction to see how much is permissible.

and twisting of nipple by more than 180 degree might be a big no-no for most ladies, so beware.

5) Ask her

Even lady differ from another on how they enjoyed their breast being played with. Those who love it rough would need you to rough her breast up by squeezing, biting, pinching etc. Those who like it gentle would be hurt by your rough treatment.

The best is to ask how she wanted to be treated. For example, when pumping her breast, start gently ask ask if its ok before proceeding to harder pump.

6) Always take it slowly, build it up.

Gentlemen always make the mistake of getting everything fast.

That is wrong.

Do it slowly, starting from the seemingly not so sensitive part (that is the meat), to the aureole then to the nipple.

If squeezing, biting, twisting, start slowly and gently too, before getting harder slowly. You might be able to fulfill your fantasy that way rather than going all out a first go.

For example, when squeezing, by going slowly, you might get a full hard squeeze in the end of the exercise, and she might enjoy your possessive squeeze!


Treat your ladies with respect and be sensitive to what they wanted. That way, you can get more and she will do her best to give you what you wanted from her breast!

Well, Its Almost Sexology Here

More often than not, sex is a taboo and no one wanted to discuss about it.

And blog became one of the main outlet for sexual awakening, at least now.

To be very short, i wanted to share sex, for a start, for a change, for discussion, in this blog, and hopefully, it is a good sex (blog).