Sunday, August 9, 2009

It Is Hard To Be The Most Beautiful Politician in the World

A beautiful, or a handsome politician is not hard to find, afterall many ex-entertainers are jumping into the fray to govern people's live.

But to become the world most beautiful politician must be sight to behold, something to be shout of.

But alas, for Yuri Fujikawa, becoming the most beautiful politician
in the world for the year 2009 turns out to be a bane, with added scrutiny, culminating in a scandal involving her and another married politician. Wonder if this father of two is dead drop gorgeous too.

It broke out when she was seen entering the same hotel as the other guy, and leaving the next day. The thing is, the hotel is only ten minutes away from her house.

But hey, aren't the people who made much noise to nosy? What's her private affair gotta do with you?

As long as she is performing, there should not be other consideration. Morality attack is certainly ugly.

in campaign trail

This however, is not the first time she made news. In 2008, she made a video and pictorial to publicize her constituency as tourist attraction, even appearing in swimwear in those. Costing 4000 yen when first came out, it created much a stir.

said to be screenshot of the video, not known if true

Sex sells and this video surely shows that. Many gravure model in Japan released such album, but for a politician to do the same, it is surprising.

But then again, maybe this works well as she is still in the legislative council.

Hopefully, she will be able to ride this storm out. It is too bad that a politician loses her place because of some self appointed morality moron.

And no doubt, Japan politics will lose much color if she is gone. Hey, every country needs something to bring youngsters attention to it.

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  1. God... she's hot!

    Evan Chan