Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Passing of Yoshito Usui - Crayon Shin Chan No More

I had been reading Crayon Shin Chan for as long as i started to read manga (that is comic in Japanese). It had literally accompany me growing up, though Shin Chan had never grow from his 5 years old.
But Crayon Shin Chan is no more, with the tragic passing of its mangaka (that is the artist) Yoshito Usui.
The great Usui had entertained us for decades, with the Shin Chan first making us laugh in 1990. The simplicity of life in Shin Chan had always found a place in my heart, in a vain attempt in keeping my sanity in the complexity of adult life. How life was so simple in Shin Chan world, and blissful.
I will always remember Usui as the best mangaka who created laughters around the world, and Shin Chan who grew up with me.
It is doubtful if anyone could step in his shoe to recreate the magic in Shin Chan's world.
My condolences to the families and friends of Yoshito Usui.

Goodbye Usui, Goodbye Shin Chan, my faithful friend.

(pictures from Subbie's blog (her link to Shin Chan here) and the last pic from asianpopcorn)

note : Usui had submitted two installments to his publisher. The manga will continue in Manga Town maagazine until the December issue (to be published in November). For those like me who buy the book, maybe we will have a volume 50.

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