Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Human always view things from their perspective, and only from their own perspective. So much so that some humanities, as well as logic, lost in the process.

I remember there was once a news about a man who died after getting his penis stuck in a soda bottle, but i forgot which news portal. He died of heart attack due to the complication. Curiously, the writer start it of with something along the line of "man can put their penis into anything". The whole piece of news offers no condolences to the families, or even state if he has a family, but full of mocking tones.

Had the writer's perspective of sex blinded his/her humanity?

Why do someone even judge a person by his/her own definition of "proper" sexual act?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Men Obsessed With Boobies

There is no denying that nothing turns a man's head like a well endowed boobies do. Which man doesn't turn when boobies like this walked past?
More summer fun with boobies falling out of swimsuits

The question is, why?

There are a few theories as to why boobies are such a head turner.

First of all, the biological reason. In the good old days, humans are like primates, we walk on all fours. Like this.

And because of that, all the males can see the females' asses (and the pussies) quite clearly. The ass, or rather the shape of it, was rather arousing as it indicates fertility. Needless to say, the bigger, rounder is better.

Even now, there is a species of primate, when ovulating, the ass will grow red and big, and basically screaming "Rape me!! I need a baby!!".

However, when human (funnily named homo sapien) decided they should walk using two legs, the ass no longer as prominent as they used to. Now, females need a new way to attract the males.

This is where the breast comes in. To be able to attract the eyes of the male, they are situated right at the place where male can see clearly, and where the female can see that the male sees it clearly - on the chest.

So now boobies take the place of the ass, and as a rule, bigger and rounder are better.

And do you wonder why bra and some clothing like to compress the boobies to the center making a thin line called a cleavage? To mimic the ass of course!!

So much for the first theory. The second theory is that boobies give the male a sense of security.

No it's not a joke.

Why you ask?


Yea, breast reminds the males of the days when they were nicely protected, unlike now when they are on their own and expected to protect others.

Suckling on the breast will give them exactly that feeling of security a mom provides to their children.

SO according to this theory, a female would also love breast.

It might be.

And the last theory is mine.

Male loves boobies because, we just love it =p

wonder if you would love this lady..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Masturbating while on the Road

I am terribly sorry to m readers that i am missing for such a long time. Too busy, but no worries, this absence filled me with some juicy articles to share.

Not very long ago, i was sitting in a bus. It was on an expressway/highway. And voila! someone riding a bike was masturbating while in the middle of the road!!!

For the record, it was a man.

For further record, he has a big dick, with a very good girth.

For further further record, i was not fast enough to take out my handphone to snatch a photo, for the bus was travelling very fast. Sorry, my bad.

God damn it, his bike was swirling left and right, and all he was doing was to rub his dick in furious speed.

I wonder if he will crash the moment he spurts his load.

But there is no news on man crashing while masturbating, so i think he survive without meeting an accident.

This get me thinking - just what the fuck was he thinking?

Did the breeze get his dick high?

Or just pure voyeur?

I think he derives pleasure from the thought that other road users might saw him.

And that some ladies might admired his dick.

And surely the wind helps too.

And maybe spurting his seeds on the road is a great idea of eroticism.

All i can say, what a great sexology study.

I remember there was once i say another man playing with his dick while driving in his car.

Same type of pleasure maybe?

p/s : i don't think i can do this, not my definition of pleasure..but there is nothing wrong in doing this, if it will not endanger other road users..which it will most probably do, if your bike is swirling left and right.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Malaysian Women Caned for Having Sex

It does not get better than this.

Malaysia caned three Muslim women for having pre marital sex.

In case you are wondering, no Malaysia is not a country in the Middle East. It is in South East Asia, due north of Singapore.

Still no idea? What about Sepang F1? That is the place.

Malaysia whom have a majority of around 55% Muslim had a dual legal system, one practicing Syariah law, and another adopted from Common Law of the English.

And apparently, having pre-marital sex is a crime, punishable by imprisonment and caning, as well as fine.

And Malaysia, increasingly leaning towards conservative Islamic values, caned these three women, and they became the first women to be caned in Malaysia.

Well, this is a religious matter, and not that we can say much, but caning really had no place in the modern world.

Except maybe in BDSM community.

But, hey, caning for having sex?

Shouldn't everyone have the freedom to have sex? Why should anyone be forced down their throat to follow the religion?

And mind you, those born Muslim in Malaysia had no right to leave the religion, or so it seems.

I don't know what to say. You got any opinion?

And if it makes you feel better, the four men were also caned for the same offences.

See also:

And this is how some non Muslim Malaysian media reporting it:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What do I Really Want in a Relationship, In Love, Is Actually Nothing

The Valentine's Day is coming in a few hours. It "was" a day to remember St. Valentine, which later turns to a day to cherish love, then a day for businesses to earn enormous dough.

Nevermind that.

Valentine's, if it is a day to cherish love, then maybe we should look at what love really is. But this is too hard even for the most experienced lovers. So, maybe next time.

For me, for a relationship to work, then love must be there. But for the love to continue to burn, it requires more than just a few candles on the Valentine's. It requires us to know what our other half really wants. What our other half really need.

My love often lament that she can never get a gift that i really like. And that i can never tell her what i had wanted.

But in reality, i wanted nothing that money can buy. I don't need anything that i already cannot get. There is no gift that a shop can offer me.

What i wanted is for my love to be beside me all the time.

For me to feel comfortable in her embrace.

For me to feel at home all the time i am with her.

For her to understand my feeling.

When i am happy, i just wanted to tell her and let her know.

When i am sad, all she need to do is just to pull me into her bosom, no words needed.

there is nothing that you need to give me, except to be with me, without condition, but with love.

i really, really, don't need anything else, because all that i really need, you have given me...

and love from you, is all i need.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone...hopefully you have a Love to cherish, for eternity..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japan's Kama Sutra - Futari Ecchi

IF there is a thing about Japanese sexual culture, it is contradiction, a contradiction between prude and crude.

While Japanese are generally shy to discuss sex openly, no one can deny they are very sexual.

But their pornographic industry is one of the most lucrative and successful in the world, not to mention huge.

And yet, no one outside Japan can understand why they need to censor the genitals, when porn is obviously about sex, and sex must surely include genitals.

And yet, some might argue that they are sexually somewhat naive, no thanks to their traditional upbringing, where sex is a taboo, or at least in the near past.

And Japan being a country that do it their way, at least as far as porn is concerned, had a kama sutra of a very very very unique format - manga.

For the uninitiated, manga means comic, an industry worth billions of dollars in Japan.

Being a country also obsessed with manga (comics) and anime (animations), it is only fitting for something as important as sex to be immortalized in the form of manga and anime. For this, we had Futari Ecchi, all hails Futari Ecchi!!

Futari Ecchi follows a newly wed couple who are both virgin. As the stories develop, we explore more and more about different ways to sex and solution to the commonly found problems.

So if you are looking for a easy to search index, this manga sutra is not for you. This is basically a comic book, with a huge volume to boot.

This is Japan for you, a beautiful country and a unique way of life.

Ahh, if only life is not that stressful there....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Scientific Reason to Marry a Virgin

Some time ago, my girl friend showed me an article in a female magazine on the scientific research of the losing of virginity, perhaps to remind me that i took hers away.

To cut a long story short, the article basically said that;

a) when the sperm enters into the womb for the first time, the body will absorb and retain the DNA of the said sperm

b) the bad news is, the DNA will be passed down to the any baby she might conceived, even if the father is not the one whom took away her virginity

c) hence, the baby will have the trait of this "virginity taker", such has having his look, behaviour, etc

d) and this effect last for a long time after the woman first had sex

e) but she only absorb the first man's DNA, not the rest

So if you are a man and you find that your children does not look like you but some other man, don't worry, they are still your children.

But if the article is to be believed, technically, that virginity taker is also the father of the children, by virtue of the, well, DNA that was absorb and passed on to the children.

Maybe that is why, the older generation insist on virgin, which is now a rare species.

Maybe that is why, men inherently, instinctively, wanted to bed a virgin, even though they might not have a baby with those virgins, their DNA will still be passed on.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pay Your Internet Bill

Somehow, i had been missing for some time.

And the reason is

i did not pay my internet bill, and the line got cut off.

So ladies and gentlemen, please pay your internet fee.