Saturday, August 22, 2009

Measuring Bra Size

Yesterday, my girl and i went to shop for some bras. The silly girl seems to have her bra size wrong all the while!

To say the truth, most of the female in the world got one of their most important garment in th e wrong size, in the process slowly damaging the most lovely body part the God had created.

Once and for all, let DS try to make out what he understands.

1) measure the underbust line, i.e. the ribcage just below the boobs

2) measure the bust line, i.e. the full breast, normally over the nipple. oh yea, don't pull or compress them. some do say we should wear a non-padded bra or hold the boobies slightly to get the measurement.

3) Bra band size = underbust + 4 (if even number), + 5 (if odd number)

4) Cup size = bust - underbust, where 1 inches would be A cup, 2 inches = B cup, 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D, 5 inches = DD cup so on and so forth.

For example, when the under bust is 29 inches, the bra band size would be 34. If the bust line is 33, then the cup would be 33 - 29 = 4 inches. This brilliant lady should wear a 34D bra.

Another exmaple would be reverse calculation. The brilliant, absolutely sexy, fantastic female sex blogger June Loi is having a 36C breast. In this regard, we can say she had a 32 inches underbust, and 35 inches bust, giving a band line of 36 (32 +4) and a C cup (35 - 32 = 3). Hope i got that right, June.

Of course, somethime, you can alternate between cup and band size for your bra. For example, a
34C breast can wear a 32D bra, and vice versa. But from what i see, wearing the size as calculated above make the boobies look much better than the alternate bra size. My girl had a 32D and wearing a 32D is much nicer and sexier than wearing a 34C, not to mention it fits her better and gives better support.

There are also some differences on the size of the cup and bra for different manufacrturer, so be sure to test them.

But the rule of thumb is always to test them first. Get a few sizes, having the range around the calculation as above. Get the most comfortable one, not the one that make you feel tight somewhere or loose somewhere.

Do i get the way right? If i do wrong, please enlighthen me how to properly calculate it. Thank you.

***Update 25/8.2009***

there is some mistake here..i think for this region at least, the band size need not to add 4 inches...and asian bras are measure in cm..


  1. Dark Snow

    i thk shd be the correct measurement as i been wearing for so many year did not notice the way of measure. But for ger, must get the right size, as the correct bra can full hold yr breast into nice shape, for me, i cant wear half cup bra cos is not feel comfortable as i use to wear full cup and it can bring my breast look nice.

    Love & Hug

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  3. June, ur breast looks absolutely fantastic!!!

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