Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bigger Breast Means Smarter Brain?

Gee, do bigger breast means the girl is smarter?

I think we all have heard about bimbo, dumb blonde, etc etc, where big boobs is connected with stupidity.

But bigger breast is smarter?

A few news portal had quoted a report from Malaysian Chinese language daily, Sin Chew Daily, which in turn quoted from a Singapore newspaper, that a study from United States found that women with bigger breast are smarter than those who are less well endowed.

These triple referrals did not state which study conducted by whom, so how good it is depended on what you think.

A check in Sin Chew website proved futile as i read no Chinese and the English edition had no search function. Someone should get fired in Sin Chew.

But what i do know is this - women with a good body shape, pretty face, generally had more confidence than those who think they are not good. Maybe that caused the result of the study, if it so existed.

Or maybe, just maybe, women with bigger boobs caused the male researchers temporary dumber, hence the result ^^

But anyhow, one's value, and this including "smartness" should not have been affected by body shape. Or i may be wrong and God had this plan all the while.

Maybe we should all search for women with bigger boobs for the sake of future generation.

Maybe we all just think too much.


  1. Girls with big breasts get a lot more help in life, so they might learn more and become smarter. Little-breasted girls just have to ask for help more.

  2. Darksnow

    Girl like me big breasts wrk in a company name call "Smart Freight" so u say me smart of not haha


  3. secretia - u might be right, maybe everyone should just open mouth more...

    june - u sure are smart + sexy

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