Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revenge of the Geeks Continues With "I Love You, Beth Cooper"

Recently, my girl and i watched the movie "I Love You, Beth Cooper" which had Heroes' cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere as the lead girl.

Oh yea, its another teen movie.

Funny, many sex innuendo, the usual stuffs.
And no, i am not talking about the movie today.

What struck me was, lately, in this ten years or so, we had what i should call the revenge of the geeks.

In just so many movies, in the end of the day, the hot chick will ditch the absolutely hot hunk (who happens to be the biggest jerk in the movie) and go for the geek who secretly admires the girl for years without the girl knowing it.

Talking about it reminds me of Spiderman, with Peter Parker and Mary Jane, Transformer, with the guy whom i totally forgot the name and the smoking hot Megan Fox, whose character name i forgot too, and scoreless others.

Err, that is not to say hunks and hot chicks stories had no market. Just look at vampire Edward Cullen and High School Musical.

But it had became fashionable that a geek will eventually, finally, got his girl after the girl realise what a loser the hunk is, and the geek got his reward for his preserverance. A sizzling hot reward at that.

In a way, these movies might not be far away from reality. Bad boys do have an abundance of sex appeal but after a while, and getting old, the appeal do wane and these girls might wanna settle for a nice guy who had a peaceful, settled life, not to mention a steady paycheck.

And, oh yeah, many people ended up working for geeks too. The richest men in the world are mostly geeks. Go figure.

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