Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Changes After Marriage

"Men marry women with the hope that they will never change. Women marry men with the hope that they will change. Invariably, they are both disappointed"
Albert Einstein

Some guys just know everything, and Einstein is one of them.

Wait wait, not talking about Einstein today.

Now you see, many men after getting their asses into a marriage, found themselves sharing the same whine in the bar - my wife is not what they used to be while we were dating.

When we were dating, she doesn't have this much demand.

When we were dating, she doesn't nag.

When we were dating, she doesn't mind my job/salary.

When we were dating, she doesn't mind i watch football in the bar.

And the classic one - when we were dating, she doesn't have so much headache.


But mind you, the women when having their "women only" meet up, will also have some complaints.

My husband never tidy up the bed.

My husband never help with housework/pick out the trash.

My husband job is not enough for our dream (her dream maybe?)/took too much of his time and he just refuse to change a job.

The football is more important to him than me.

He only wanted to screw. I wonder if he loves me or my body.


Actually, complaints do came by when a couple passed the courting stage and into a serious relationship. Maybe Einstein's time the people are more conservative.

But what everyone need to accept is, when a relationship evolve into the next level, some changes are inevitable.

We can only do our best to understand each other and accept the preferences and aspirations of each other.

But you wanted him/her to be a person he/she never was, why not get another one who really suits you? Though i will admit many people conceal who they really are during courtship and not being frank.

Maybe that is why, there are so many divorces.