Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Over Slutty Please, DS Shares How to be Sexy

note - not applicable for bedroom or voyuer or deliberately being slutty

Before any feminist throw rotten eggs at me, please hear me out.

I love girls, and their bodies. I love and respect sexiness, it is something all boys and girls should flaunt, or at least make an effort.

So what make me write this post?

Girls nowadays often confuse sexy and slutty. Most often, they go all the way down to cheap slutty, and thought that is sexy.

What then is sexy?

Oxford Concise Dictionary says these;


adjective (sexier, sexiest) 1 sexually attractive or exciting. 2 sexually aroused. 3 informal very exciting or appealing

(see here)

Not much help, didn't it?

Now let me, a guy, tell you what is sexy.

IT must leave MUCH to imagination. They should be classy, not cheap. You don't want people to ask you how much per hour. Show some skin, but show it subtlety, with class befitting a lady, not a whore

So the basic rule of thumb is, choose your best feature, and show them off. The rest can be kept somewhere.

If you wanna show off your beautiful breast, throw away the miniskirt. Unless you are in Playboy Mansion.

Let DS give some opinion on how to flaunt your assets.


I like boobs, and every girl with even a little boobs show show them off. You can (or maybe should) show cleavage, but please, not more than half of it, or whore will be what you label is.

So how should it be done? Let us see a few pictures;

Now Megan Fox, the undisputed sexy girl, had it right in this picture. Well granted she had an almost perfect bodyline, but look at how she does it. A little peek at her cleavage, a little on her flat tummy, and all the men are drooling and all the girls are dreaming, to have one of those like her.

Sophie Bush also done it right here. While she admittedly had the boobs that can knock you out, they are not on display like bowling balls on the rack. You can see just a little, and that, my friend, is sexy enough.

Now i must admit she had some great boobies. But heck, what are those eyes popping skins for? No offense, but i really think they should be covered up, a bit more.


Some of us might have a really flat tummy, which in normal humans like you and me, come with a flat chest and ass normally, unlike people like Megan Fox.

Showing them off is always good, if you happens to have one. Afterall, the best of your body should show.

Well, the basics here is that, not too much. And keep those underwear nicely hidden from view. Having g-string poking out will gain you stare but no respect. Having those worn out, faded, broken, and looks like being bitten by cockroaches is a big no no no.

Lynn Rose show us how to do it.

(picture from Lynn Rose's website)

Round neck, mini sleeves, but nice abs. Not slutty, but absolutely desirable.

And when you lie down, it should be like this;

(picture from the narrative)

Nothing unwanted came out, and the part that is exposed is absolutely beautiful. Very little. Makes you wanna stuck your hand in.


To show some thighs, we had miniskirt, micro-minis, micro-shorts, whatis and whatnots.

Now, there are many reason to wear a mini/micro. Showing off beautiful thighs is one, some just like to show off underwear, or the lack of it.

If you want sexy, not slutty, make sure the mini/micro you are wearing will not expose your undie with least effort. At least make the guys and girls strain their eyes longer and make more effort. The best is, when it won't show your undie howsoever, which would need your conscious effort to keep them.

And the rule of thumb is, get a beautiful undie. Not your granny, and certainly not g-string. Showing your pussy is worst. Make you as cheap as you can be. Unless you actually wanted to show them, that is another matter, that is kinky and it is good.

But if sexy is your choice, keep your undie hidden, and let them try their best to peek at it.

Arms, Neck, Legs, Shoulders, Others

Now, those are parts that are normally shown to people, so just do it. But always keep those not beautiful ones away. If your arms are flabby, wear sleeves. If your legs are the target of bugs and scars, keep them well hidden with something long. Neck normally is the sexiest feature of a lady, so make it clean.

And powder your neck and shoulders too so that the color tone of your face and the rest of the powder is the same. Or you will be the butt of jokes.

Those are Only My Opinion

Many people likes to impose their view on others. Not me. The above views are only my point of view on how to be sexy. You can disagree and please trash my comment box. At least we can have some meaningful discussions. Human body is a beautiful creation, and women's especially so. So more points of view do not hurt.

P/S - the above opinion does not include advice on how to be sexy in a bedroom, or how a man can be sexy. those are for another time, or maybe some female bloggers can do us man a favor and tell us.


  1. You know what you want and how to explain it. That is different, than many men who just want to cum. Cum and run, they don't care how or where, just hit and run.

  2. maybe many men just wanted to hit an run, but there is no fun doing that..

  3. You should get a friend who's an artist to draw the perfectly sexy girl. Might be cool.

  4. Haha. I like this DS. Now I know I am indeed SEXY. Heh!

  5. laszlo - gee...i didn't know u like 2D...but its cool because 2D will normally get a DD... XD

    joke aside, its not about the "sample" of sexiness that we can draw but its about "dun be slutty, its not sexy at all"

    HB - u r sexy alright..

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