Monday, October 26, 2009

Guys Wouldn't Notice Your Defects, So Don't Bother

Yes, you read that right, guys wouldn't even notice.

Say, there are another fine line on the edge of your eyes, well, forget it, we can't see it, even if you show it to us, we can't make up our mind if that was originally there or is newly "created".

While we are at lines, don't bother showing us the extra cellulites that was formed last week under your bums, because, well, we couldn't have notice. Heck, even if we are caressing it everyday or even kissing it, forget it, we wouldn't notice. And we won't notice till the day we die, unless you point it out to us.

Don't bother to be afraid that we may find out a wart or an acne had found a place on you back either, because, yes, you got, we wouldn't have notice it anyway. Unless that little growth is on your breast, we can hardly see.

Speaking of breast, we wouldn't have notice if your boobies had sag half a centimeter. Yes, vry ironic since we are so fixated on that hotspot, but really, don't bother. Just get a sexy lingerie and i am your man!!

And unless you had gone really tanned, we, yes i know you know, we wouldn't have notice either. Just a little of variation of color anyway. Blame it on the variation of color in your variation of clothes and shoes that make us color blind.

Cracked manicure? Only your girlfriend would have realized.

Clothes got discolored? I thought it was fashion!

Wore a different make up? Who cares?

Different perfume? I thought you use a different one every day!

You tied your hair on the left instead of right? Sorry, i have some problems with directions.

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

In short, unless something really material (i mean really material) happens, we wouldn't notice what kind of changes you ladies exhibited.

So, its not our fault that you have to make yourself look stunning. Afterall, for us, it makes no difference.