Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Losing Interest in Sex

We normally hears from the female population that they are not interested in having sex (at a particular time).

Not tonight, headache, etc etc

What about men having low libido?

Amongst reasons are overwhelmed by modern ladies, ever ready fantasy, alcohol and work load.

Sounds very valid.

Ladies nowadays are much more demanding than even a generation ago. It does not help with the ego the men are having. For example, sexual performance, face and body shape (not only men have to groom, they must also come with muscle, if not ala Gerard Butler, then at least David Beckham). Notably, women who earns more than men actually created problems for both parties, all thanks to a funny thing called social norms and tradition.

Yea, the moment we screw all the so called norms and tradition, life will be great.

This kinda problems leads to fantasy and booze. They will rather watch porn than to try very hard to get laid. And since life is already so hectic and stressful, why bother trying to have sex? Just pop the beer anytime!!

But unfortunately, all these screw up their balls and dick (mentally perhaps), and sex goes out of the window.

But i have another theory. Maybe it is natural selection. With so many women needing little sex, God purposely create more men with low libido to solve the problem. Now no one will complain they don't get enough sex!!


  1. An inspiring blowjob will get them off the couch most of the time. Works for my guy.


  2. But thing is, somehow men with low libido somehow always end up with women with high sex drive... :(

  3. secretia, it will work for me too..wait, no need as i love sex..but blowjob will do great for me..

    hb, maybe u can give a blowjob like secretia does..

    wait, i think u did...