Monday, October 26, 2009

Guys Wouldn't Notice Your Defects, So Don't Bother

Yes, you read that right, guys wouldn't even notice.

Say, there are another fine line on the edge of your eyes, well, forget it, we can't see it, even if you show it to us, we can't make up our mind if that was originally there or is newly "created".

While we are at lines, don't bother showing us the extra cellulites that was formed last week under your bums, because, well, we couldn't have notice. Heck, even if we are caressing it everyday or even kissing it, forget it, we wouldn't notice. And we won't notice till the day we die, unless you point it out to us.

Don't bother to be afraid that we may find out a wart or an acne had found a place on you back either, because, yes, you got, we wouldn't have notice it anyway. Unless that little growth is on your breast, we can hardly see.

Speaking of breast, we wouldn't have notice if your boobies had sag half a centimeter. Yes, vry ironic since we are so fixated on that hotspot, but really, don't bother. Just get a sexy lingerie and i am your man!!

And unless you had gone really tanned, we, yes i know you know, we wouldn't have notice either. Just a little of variation of color anyway. Blame it on the variation of color in your variation of clothes and shoes that make us color blind.

Cracked manicure? Only your girlfriend would have realized.

Clothes got discolored? I thought it was fashion!

Wore a different make up? Who cares?

Different perfume? I thought you use a different one every day!

You tied your hair on the left instead of right? Sorry, i have some problems with directions.

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

In short, unless something really material (i mean really material) happens, we wouldn't notice what kind of changes you ladies exhibited.

So, its not our fault that you have to make yourself look stunning. Afterall, for us, it makes no difference.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Should Decide How Girls/Beauty Queens Behave?

Who should then decide how girls and beauty queens in particular behave?

We have in Singapore, Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum being called to be stripped of her title for some pictures taken in a party, and they were not even anything, just harmless fun thrown by her friend for her, and some girls night out.

Look at these pictures. Are they really that harmful? Grow up, people, especially the so-called bloggers who are nothing more than self-appointed moral guardians.

eating a dick-shaped cake bought by friend is harmful?

playing with a blowjob doll who got nothing to blow is also harmful?
aww...having a girls night out is soooooo harmful....

Pictures from

The guns then trained on Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low for her allegedly bad English.

Ahh, so we have fantastic speaker in Singapore, which is (in)famous for their Singlish?

As though there are someone who is determined to pull her down, came her concealment of her past conviction for credit card fraud.

It was of course, stipulated in the contract that she must reveal them, and those who had one cannot compete.

My point is, why bar someone with previous conviction? Must a Miss something something be a squeaky clean person? Does being convicted make a person "unclean"?

Heck, she was already punished by a Court of law. Are you saying the Court is useless that everyone need to punish her again?

Where goes the "giving a person a second chance"?

Yes she lied, but if she don't no one gonna let her in anyway.

Perhaps all these stupid moral conditions to be a beauty queen is what pissed Felixia Yeap off, that she quits Miss Malaysia World after getting amongst the finalist.

Felixia claimed the conditions in the contract will affect her rice bowl.

well, she did some lingerie modelling and maybe that is what disallowed by the organiser. Squeaky clean huh?

She is clean enough for me, and have enough brains and guts.

In Indonesia, another type of storm is brewing. It seems Miss Indonesia Universe 2009 Qori Sandioriva who represents the province of Aceh when winning the title caught the anger of Islamist in Aceh. They are angry that she did not wear a headgear to the competition.

Qori Sandioriva crowned Miss Indonesia on 9 October 2009
picture from BBC

Brilliant. When she goes to Miss Universe, she gotta wear a swimsuit. Now how about that? Stone her?

Maybe they should follow Malaysia's example, ban the Muslims from competing. Ban Aceh as well. Solve all the problems.

The microscope then trains back to Singapore when Ris Low replacement, the beautiful girl who had an exotic name, Pilar Carmelita Arlando seems to not to have a clue on Singapore's general issues.

Pilar...ignorant of issues and information about her country

picture from dailychili

The netizens actually said she had zero IQ.

Ahh, so now we need beauty queens who had an IQ of 200?

Oh, yea, i remember, to be a beauty queen, we need a beauty who had a brain.

It doesn't matter if she looks like a gorilla as long as she had a brain.

Hmm, as though saying "I hope for world peace" needs a lot of brain.

And as far as i remember, the questions need EQ, which i think she should be ok.

But then again, who is to decide how these girls behave?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

China's Hot Female Soldiers On Anniversary Parade

A little more than a week ago, China celebrated its 60th anniversary of Communist rule with some parade on its military might.

And no, DS does not intend to turn this into a political blog or military blog. It is and will remain a sex blog.

I even time this post to be at this time so as to escape the "heat" on China's military might debates.

So, what does China's military parade gotta do with me?


(from Al Jazeera)

God damn it, look at those pink chics with heavy guns!!

They are the female militia (read : CIVILIAN reserve force) of China's already swarming PLA.

And their commanders look like this;

What can i say, nicely shaped legs, respectable boobs, fantastic vital stats for all of them.

Not to mention the precision worthy of an army march pass.

And they should be the first armed force in the world, active or reserve, that wears pink!!

Can't get enough of them? What about a video?

If you think these pink chics are gorgeous only because they are not in active service, take a look at these active female soldiers;

180,000 marchers processed through Beijing's Tiananmen Square

Same beautiful legs, same respectable boobs size, same body shape, just darker uniforms.

I wonder, how do these girls managed to train to this level, and yet retain all their feminine features?

When comes to female fighters, normally we can only think of muscled, rough, etc that even the Wonder Woman looks a MILF on steroid who had a silicone-enhanced boob. Who would have thought, in this world, there are actually female fighter like those on parade in China? Soft features at all the right place, yet retaining a stern and serious face that ready to shot you to death. Man, only in China.

I know there are also pretty chics in other military, but heck, this much?

Anyway, just leave all the debates aside, and let us enjoy this video, showing the march pass of female joint force (air-navy-land) together with the reserve force (they pinky ones);

No dispute, they are gorgeous.

Wait, wait, sick of soldiers? What about a model?

A model holds a national flag of China outside a shopping mall during a sales promotion during China's national day holiday in Hong Kong

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Felixia Yeap Won Lumix Panasonic Star Search

After giving Miss Malaysia World a miss, the gorgeous Felixia Yeap won the Lumix model search amid supportive screams from her fans (DS however, was not there).

And you should be the judge if she is good enough to make it big!

She can be so angelic...

and at the same time a devil...oh, what a body to die for...

don't you wanna buy a Lumix now?

do you wish to be a cat now?

It is my opinion that Felixia can make it real big. She has all the material to be a star, and an attitude to boot.

And with all the publicities now, she should be one of the most recognisable face in Malaysia, the chick who fried Miss Malaysia World "sotong" [for the uninitiated, it means she points at Miss Malaysia World and say "Fuck you, you are fired!" (this is a hyperbole, not intended to insult anyone, please don't sue me)]

I may as well run a fan club for her...

note : all photos are from her Facebook profile and fan page..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

There is Nothing Wrong with Fetishes, Malaysia

Note : I wrote this post for last wednesday, but pulling it over and wrote another one on earthquake and tsunami on Samoa and Indonesia. And now, here it is...

Second post about Malaysia in a row, TheStar reported that a Terengganu State Exco (something like a minister at state level in the Federation of Malaysia) call upon a man who had some fetishes to get psychiatric help.

Apparently, this is because this guy likes to put in some objects into his wife private parts as part of their sex life.

Only that the wife are not so keen on it. Wait, that is an understatement. The wife lodged a police report over it.

So this state level minister said that bloke should get some help with his brain to treat his "sexual disorder" before he "targets innocents".

P-p-please-lar.....what so bad about fetish?

Granted, he should not force his wife to do it.

Granted, any sexual act, including one of fetish, should be consensual.

And this guy ABSOLUTELY is at fault for forcing her wife to do it (if the wife is to be believed).

But hey, there is no need for psychiatric help, no?

Having fetish is just like having some preference over some sexual position. Some like it doggie. Some like it cowgirl aka woman on top.

For fetishes, some like to lick toes, some take extreme liking to breast (like me), some like sexy lingerie, some like leather wear, and some, well, like to put something into pussy.

And some may like bondage and SM.

And who can be so noble to claim that all these are wrong?

Should we only have missionary style sex with the consent of God (maybe asking the priest or imam or monk first before fucking)?

No, just like this is a sexological blog, no one should be telling another what they should or should not do behind closed doors.

And what's about that accusation about this pussy-stuffing-loving-guy will target innocents? Why accuse him of a despicable act?

Just because the wife does not like it doesn't change him into a predator. There might be other women who like it and there can be consensual sex, with some fetishes.

Wake up, Malaysia, wake up, World.