Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manohara Got Sexual Torture by Kelantanese Prince

The Indonesian model made a big news in Indonesia, claiming sexual torture.

Got this from amethyst news flash;

You will not get this news in Malaysia, at least until other nations reported it.

But here you have it.

AsiaOne, quoting AFP reported that medical report shows that Manohara had multiple slash wounds on her body especially her chest, some which are fresh.

It seems the Kelantanese Prince had a thing for her breast.

Manohara also had injection mark on her back. (More here).

No, darksnow is not interested with all the political crap.

If you realise one thing, it seems the bloke had a thing for cutting his wife's breast.

And that, my friend, is called tit torture, or breast punishment.

I will write more in this later.

So please stay tune for the next breast play!

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