Wednesday, June 24, 2009

House Visits

Going into someone's house, catching a glimpse at their personal life, may prove to be a gratifying experience.

Yea, you can imagine/wonder how their sex life is too.

Going into someone's house got me wondering, how is their life?

Do they wake up in the morning, rush and jam to work, wait for lunch, then wait for 5pm, then jam all the way back home to a waiting lonely house longing to speak?

Then have a shower, slouch on a couch watching TV? Or blogging? Or facebooking?

Will the wife start nagging on how lazy the husband is, how naughty the children are and gossip on how much the husband of the madam next door earns?

Will the husband purposely come back late to escape all the naggings and have a few beers and a football match?

Will the sex then turn dry?

Or will the couple gone back lovingly, have a bath together and fuck themselves crazy?

Or when the children are asleep, the mom and pop then chasing back the romance lost due to family life?

Ahhh...there is so much to wonder on a house visit.

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