Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Finger Your Girl

Having sex, making love, whatever you call it, is about giving pleasure to the other party.

And here is another part of "how to" to give more pleasure to a girl, and its called "fingering".

Fingering normally refers to touching the pussy of a girl to give her pleasure. The movement normally involves using the fingers to stroke certain parts, and hence the name fingering.

So how to do it right?

From personal experience, the best way to approach a girl sexually applies to all her body part - slowly and gradually.

Pet her mound gentle and lovingly, and slowly move your fingers down to her labia. Yes, not the clit.

Then, pet the surrounding areas gently and slowly. You can trace her outline with your finger.

Never touch the clit, to add the excitement when you finally do.

Then, move your finger circling her clit, and finally stroke her clit in circular motion. This motion seems to be the most pleasurable ones. Wet the clit with her vagina fluid to add sensitivity.

Enjoy the moans.

And next, the g-spot.

Slowly slide down from her clit until you finds the opening of her vagina. slowly slide in you finger and use the "come here" style to find her g-spot. It is normally situated on the top wall of her vagina and its not deep. Very near to the opening in fact.

The texture of g-spot can be easily contracted with the rest of the vagina wall. The rest of it should be smooth but the g-spot is rougher.

Stroke the g-spot in the "come here" style, gently of course.

but every woman is different. While the above can be said as generally applicable, your girl's needs may be different. For example, she may like it rough and need not foreplay like this. In any case, look for her reaction and open your mouth, to ask her.

Treat your ladies right and enjoy!


  1. There is something porn doesn't teach. You have to work from her thigh and up...

  2. How old are u very curious


  3. olden people will say if lucky enuf i can have grandchildren...hahaha...

    i am in my twenties...