Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to Play With Breast

For a start, maybe in the first post i should share about some "how to"s.

And the first would be "breast".

Breast is something that sex cannot go without. It is a huge stimuli for the ladies and a great attraction for the gentlemen.

And i can gladly admit i am a breast person.

No, i do not have breast, thank you.

I mean i love breast, in all shape and size, even the sagging ones.

Ok, i know, i should go straight to the point.

How should we play with the breast, to please our ladies?

1) From my personal experience, there is one sure fire way.

If you are kissing her, slowly move your kisses down from her lips to her neck, then to her chest.

Circle one of her breast, but never ever touch the nipple, from the beginning till now.

Move you circle of kisses nearer to the nipple, giving

an occasional suck or bite on the meat.

When it is dangerously near to the breast, in one swift movement enclose the whole nipple (and aureole) in your mouth and suck deep.

If she had not press your head to her breast by now, there must be something wrong.

Do the same for the other breast, but this time, do play with the "sucked" breast with your hand.

2) If you are looking at something else, maybe more kinky, this might do for you.

Put some honey around the breast, especially the nipples, then lick and suck them cleans. The best is when the honey is chilled. Look at how the nipple harden when you drip honey on it (that is a bonus!).

When her breast and nipple are "chilled" by the honey, the effect of your warm tongue and mouth over them is incredible to their breast, especially the nipple.

Similarly, the honey can be replaced by other foods, or even ice, but i personally like honey. That is a great honey flavored milk, people.

3) For BDSM fans

Err....i will do this later for later post.

4) With your hand

Massage the breast slowly and gently to get them in the mood. If you had done no. 1, then now is the time to tweek the nipples gently and maybe a slight pull, but nothing rough. The nipple is more sensitive than your dickhead and balls, and tolerance to pain as well as arousal by pain differs from ladies.

Once both of you are highly arouse, you may proceed to the man-most-liked way that is to slowly squeeze them hard.

again, not too hard, look at her reaction to see how much is permissible.

and twisting of nipple by more than 180 degree might be a big no-no for most ladies, so beware.

5) Ask her

Even lady differ from another on how they enjoyed their breast being played with. Those who love it rough would need you to rough her breast up by squeezing, biting, pinching etc. Those who like it gentle would be hurt by your rough treatment.

The best is to ask how she wanted to be treated. For example, when pumping her breast, start gently ask ask if its ok before proceeding to harder pump.

6) Always take it slowly, build it up.

Gentlemen always make the mistake of getting everything fast.

That is wrong.

Do it slowly, starting from the seemingly not so sensitive part (that is the meat), to the aureole then to the nipple.

If squeezing, biting, twisting, start slowly and gently too, before getting harder slowly. You might be able to fulfill your fantasy that way rather than going all out a first go.

For example, when squeezing, by going slowly, you might get a full hard squeeze in the end of the exercise, and she might enjoy your possessive squeeze!


Treat your ladies with respect and be sensitive to what they wanted. That way, you can get more and she will do her best to give you what you wanted from her breast!

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  1. dark snow

    u got a gd point of playing wif the breat, i agreed wif there, well breast is the sensitive part for me as i love my partner to play, suck bite and lick or squezz wif it...... tat kind of feeling is just like guy enjoy the bj