Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sex, For Man, Might be Nearing Spiritual in Nature

Many ladies asked, why the hell all men can think of is sex?

In a relationship, all they wanted is sex, isn't it true?

Hmm...i think both the questions can be answered in negative.

Obviously, they have to think of what to eat and what to wear.

And in a relationship, they wanted love, not purely sex.

Disagree? Try this.

John Gray (the writer of the Men from Mars Women from Venus) opined that the reason why both sex cannot understand each other's behavior to sex as to the fundamental difference in how sex figures in their brain.

For a woman, they had sex because they love. In other words, they have sex to celebrate the love. Love come first before sex.

For man meanwhile, they had sex to love. In other words, to be able to love, they must have sex, hence sex come first before sex.

Now, i must say that i cannot agree fully on Gray's analysis. And i do not profess knowing a woman inside out so maybe i should just say on a man's point of view.

To say that sex come first before love, it might come to suggest that to get a guy to love you, you should spread your leg wide.

Not true.

If you were to offer sex to me, all you get is sex in return (if i judge you attractive enough). No love.

The better way to say it would be attraction come first for a guy, for him to fall in love.

In this regard, i concede that physical attraction normally did the decision for a guy, pathetic but true.

If you are pretty and had a great bods, chances are, guys swarm around you, but the opposite can be said for a girl too, though she might also add in how much money the guy have besides the good look and the gentleman charm.

But as with both sex, for long lasting relationship, attitude plays the biggest role, but that is not the topic of discussion in this blog post.

So what does sex means for a guy?

I would just modify what Gray said.

It is a "tool" for a guy to love.

No, not the screwdriver type of tool, but rather in a very spiritual way. He needs to make love with his loved one to "connect" with her, to be "one" with her.

Many guys didn't even know of this but i think it is true. It is not lust per se, or when the girl is old, the guy will chuck her aside for a younger one.

Yes it happens but that is when no true love existed in the first place.

If there is true love, even the fatty tummy is a great turn on.

Yeah, ask me, coz i knew about that.

And no, its not fetish.

But rather, a guy need to connect with his girl, to be able to love him. The inability to connect with her sexually will cause frustration that will turn the guy into a grumpy guy like a smoker without his cigarette.

Addiction to sex? Maybe, but only to the girl he loves.

Even if he make love with another girl, it will not give him the same "connection", and in extension, satisfaction.

Hence, sex, for a man, is very near to spiritual level. It is something that got to do with how the brain waves functions, and without, the wave (for love) will be starved and die a natural, agonizing, death.

So girls, the next time you make love with your man, try to look at it from another angle.


  1. I am addicted to both love and sex. One cannot exist without the other. =)

  2. that's a great thing, HB...not many do, sadly...