Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Men Unable to Express Emotions?

We often hear, couple complaining they are not communicating enough.

More often girls though. The guys seems to be having a big problem opening their mouth. Sad.

But just, why?

Guys are having a hard time opening themselves up. They cannot bitch their heart out. They cannot cry. They cannot even express how they feel.

Ego? Maybe.

Or maybe it is due to upbringing. They are told to literally "take it like a man". They are told that expressing how they feel is sissy. And tears, well, that is just a sin.

In short, they are being told, from young, being a man means emotions are to be discarded.

How to communicate with them? How to loosen them out? How to get into their inner world?

No, i am not talking about sex again, though it might helps.

Seriously, i do not know how. But once you get them to talk, it is really heart wrenching. Suddenly, the bright smiles seems to bitter, hiding all the pain inside.

But talk it slowly. They will talk, eventually, when they are loosen enough. But brace yourself for it, it may not be pretty, for you or him.


  1. Yeah.. Or break his heart. But girls, that's one thing i can tell you you never want to do.
    It seems men talk when they can't take the stress or pain anymore. That's why it may be the most painful thing to see.
    Am i right, DS? (:

  2. you are certainly right, angel...

    i myself felt that i am such a pain when i do....