Monday, July 6, 2009

Sometimes, Sex Scene Just Ruin It

First of all, i got nothing against having sex scene in a movie or music video or work of art. In fact, if it adds value to the art, it must be encouraged. For example, sex to show deep emotional attachment, to show human frailty, to even show humanity, and these should be encouraged and celebrated. Afterall, haven't we just done it all?

But sometimes, some directors just seems to be seeking some cheap thrill, adding sex scene just because they can, without bothering if it compatible with their work at all.

For example, this;

I had nothing against the sex scene somewhere in the middle of the MV. To tell a story in 4-5 minutes is a great challenge and using sex to portray deep emotional attachment is all right, though not creative.

But i have a great problem with the girl stripping for the two guys in the beginning of the MV. What the fuck? What does it try to tell? Great friendship between the three?

That is seriously a big big cheap thrill.

And consider this;

Shit! Is this a soft core porn or an MV? It did absolutely no justice to the vocal prowess of the singer. Just what does two people going to hotel to get some sex gotta do with the message of the song?

Now, to show how it is done, let us see my idol David Tao's MV;

It shows very little flesh, but essentially capturing all sexual tension between the three main characters. The loneliness and emotional breakdown of the innocent wife cleverly portrayed. The conflicting and suicidal emotion of the vivacious "other woman" due to the love triangle can really make you feel for her. And the adulterer David Tao, well, he better off going back singing.

My point is, to use sex, the best is to use it subtly, seemlessly, and the most importantly, is to do so with a purpose, or the sex will just ruin the whole thing.

What do you think? You have any other videos that uses sex?

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