Friday, March 11, 2011

Why are you even asking?

Today, i had a dinner with the girl whom very recently became my ex. She was supposed to hand me my stuffs i left in the apartment we very recently shared together in.

We tried to create a semblance of conversation.

We tried to create a semblance of a meal together.

And we both seem more like playing our part, rushing through the motion, in a badly written script.

But i don't know what struck her, when she ask "So, where are you going for your holiday?"

Why do you even ask?

When half a year ago, you told me we are going somewhere together to indulge ourselves to the fullest. And we were talking about this island and that island, this hill and that mountain.

Then 2 months ago, you told me you might not be able to have a holiday with me as you are not likely to get a long leave, and whatever short leave you get, you rather not travel.

And weeks ago, you dumped me.

Can't you see that you are just being cruel, to me whom my love was returned with betrayal?

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