Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why Men Obsessed With Boobies

There is no denying that nothing turns a man's head like a well endowed boobies do. Which man doesn't turn when boobies like this walked past?
More summer fun with boobies falling out of swimsuits

The question is, why?

There are a few theories as to why boobies are such a head turner.

First of all, the biological reason. In the good old days, humans are like primates, we walk on all fours. Like this.

And because of that, all the males can see the females' asses (and the pussies) quite clearly. The ass, or rather the shape of it, was rather arousing as it indicates fertility. Needless to say, the bigger, rounder is better.

Even now, there is a species of primate, when ovulating, the ass will grow red and big, and basically screaming "Rape me!! I need a baby!!".

However, when human (funnily named homo sapien) decided they should walk using two legs, the ass no longer as prominent as they used to. Now, females need a new way to attract the males.

This is where the breast comes in. To be able to attract the eyes of the male, they are situated right at the place where male can see clearly, and where the female can see that the male sees it clearly - on the chest.

So now boobies take the place of the ass, and as a rule, bigger and rounder are better.

And do you wonder why bra and some clothing like to compress the boobies to the center making a thin line called a cleavage? To mimic the ass of course!!

So much for the first theory. The second theory is that boobies give the male a sense of security.

No it's not a joke.

Why you ask?


Yea, breast reminds the males of the days when they were nicely protected, unlike now when they are on their own and expected to protect others.

Suckling on the breast will give them exactly that feeling of security a mom provides to their children.

SO according to this theory, a female would also love breast.

It might be.

And the last theory is mine.

Male loves boobies because, we just love it =p

wonder if you would love this lady..


  1. The girls I grew up with were very proud of what blossomed and quick to notice that they seemed to be getting more attention. We were also starting puberty and were curious, wanting to see/feel these beautiful things the girls quickly learned to tease us with flashing , or the occasional brush.
    I dated the same girl all through high school and she would get very hot letting me play with them,( I'll never no how she was able to keep saying no until we were 18) so its kind of a two way street , you tease me and I'll give you an extra amount of foreplay.I notice in the country where the women go topless their entire life no one seems to pay any attention to them.Whatever You believe, if You enjoy the extra foreplay just keep teasing us with them and we will keep the nipple shinny clean for You.
    Yes I get in trouble looking now, but I think it's just continuing the game, as my wife no's I would never screw anyone else, I no a good thing thing when I have it and am not about to loose it over a quickie in a motel or wherever...though I might try a titty twister again some day,they are fun and the women now no that I am married so it seems like they are bending over in front of me more than ever now.
    Wish we had time to go into the women who no how to shake their ass in front of us, I'm guessing that was practiced , though some do have that natural shake that kills us , just like natural boobies bouncing as You strut by.
    Oh and we notice when You check for the bulge in our pants..

  2. I am a female, I love breasts...

    I think the security is more that his babies will be well taken care of. Bigger breasts = more milk? Hmm...good post!

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